Realm Connections -- August 13

faction balance isn’t even possible if one faction as a whole has more players when you count region wide statistics.

Yes, sometimes they will achieve faction balance, sometimes they won’t, it’s not possible in all circumstances, at least mandatory pvp is gone (pvp realms), so you don’t get ganked repeatedly if you’re on the minority and you don’t have an empty AH cause you can access “enemy” AH too.

So be happy if you get a connection that helps your faction a lot, but it won’t always be possible, as an example in an incoming EU connection they’re connecting burning legion (high pop with 140 guilds, horde dominant) to al’akir (low pop with 14 guilds, horde dominant), you can see it’s good for al’akir’s hordes, however the alliance is basically non-existant in al’akir, there’s a single guild who stopped raiding due to lack of people to recruit, so with burning legion being a much bigger realm, the alliance minority there will be a HUGE increase of players for al’akir ones.

This is a good point about population shrinking, I think it’s important to point out how from the data I gathered (a player who has chars on almost all EU realms) the smallest realms atm before the new round of connections aren’t as small as they used to be before the first round, back in 2013-2014 das konsortium and die todeskrallen had around 100 players online at peak, there’s no realm that I know of in eu that small.

So we can say these connections aim to achieve a higher population per realm than those in 2013-2014, there’s no such thing as an empty realm as it was back then.

However, keeping in mind there were like 250 realms per region, that we went to around 120 in 2014 and that we’re heading to around 40-60 now, population is definitely in decline, though not to insane levels.

There’s no excuse, first post or not, it still means ignoring someone’s answer and just reading someone else’s, it’s all good when you aren’t the ignored one obviously, if you aren’t affected you won’t be annoyed.

lol, you can’t be serious.

I see that you only started posting here on the US forums 2 days ago but brace yourself, because there’s a LOT of people on here who posts replies without reading other people’s previous posts & you can’t let such minor stuff like this getting to you every time.

It’s not like he made a post thanking only me or anything. But nope, you were annoyed by a single :blue_heart: he gave to my post and decided to call him out on it. You should have quoted his post if you wanted his attention THAT badly.

So much salt.

Lurk around more before you get so worked up with such minor incidents.

Due to a previously unforseen issue, we have decided to hold off on connecting Garona to Icecrown+Malygos until a later date, to be determined. The other listed realm connections will go ahead as planned tomorrow.

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That was a given with the first merges. Cairne/Perenolde (primarily Alliance) got merged with Cenarius (primarily Alliance) instead of merging a Horde realm in.

you got all 20 of us on Garona happy now we have to wait :smiley: Can we get beta instead plz :slight_smile:


Bruh, merging us with 5 other realms? Really? Quel’dorei-Sen’Jin isn’t even low pop. Not looking forward to this.

Honestly, we get next to nothing out of this. No competitive guilds, and now we will have horde running around when it’s been an Alliance safe haven for years, PvE sever pre WM as well. I came here from a PvP server to get away from that kind of player base, now I’m forced into it due to the sheer number of horde arriving tomorrow.

I’m cool with people that want to PvP, but I hate it personally and actively go out of my way to avoid it. Warmode will be stupid going forward, I will not be using it. Khaz Modan has been my home for years… So disappointed.

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Please Connect Drenden-Arathor with a horde heavy server or two… The faction balance on this pair of servers is way in Alliance’s favor. :frowning:

Awesome! I still have a few characters on Garrosh that I play on time-to-time. I moved most of my characters to Area 52 a while back because this realm was relatively dead most of the time when I was online.

Hopefully now that Garrosh is getting connected to some realms, I’ll start to see more players in the city and other areas of the game world when I play on this particular realm. :slight_smile:

Those are RP servers they aren’t aiming for the same thing.

If they give you back the gold they should also take away the duplicate items. Also I am pretty sure what you are posting is an exploit.

For this type of thing you should stick to your European realms. This thread is strictly for US region connections.

and here i thought we might still be able to play but nope, we’re down for maintenance too. and Gurubashi is still missing from the post lol

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yep i just noticed that too. I was happy that at least one of my server was supposed to be up…but nope.

Is there any reason you guys decided to take servers offline during the hours players are most likely to be awake? Sometimes i have a day off, and it aligns with one of these offline periods due to whatever reason, go to log in and yep, you guessed it, can’t play the game I PAY to play.


I love how Garona just can’t catch a break.


My favorite part about this is that you are taking an entire day, that I would have used to play, to perform this maintenance and NOT doing it at night (midnight to 7am, etc) when most are offline. I can only assume this is either due to 1) you not wanting to pay night differentials or 2) poor planning or 3) you don’t know or care when people play the most.