Really Disappointed

With the addition of the Feldrake as a Twitch drop. I want to start by saying I don’t have a Feldrake, but the addition of a TCG mount as a Twitch drop has removed TCG mounts as the final remaining investment to fight gold inflation.

Now, all TCG mounts have the potential of being given away as freebies to the entire WoW community, when previously they were in a limited, finite supply. This means nobody is going to feel comfortable paying millions of gold for a mount that may be given away for free at a later date.

For years, players who grind and accumulate gold could purchase these items with the expectation that as Blizzard inflated the gold supply expansion-after-expansion, they could save (and even grow) their wealth by purchasing these mounts and selling later when they need the money. I did this in order to buy my Brutosaur, and if Blizzard had implemented this really bad giveaway before I was able to sell, I would have seen years of my in-game investments wiped away to nothing.

Someone purchased a Feldrake loot card on eBay about a week ago, for over $3000; imagine what they are feeling today. I understand that the amount of people this affects it not a large portion of the player-base, but if Blizzard goes through with the Feldrake giveaway, there are no more safe investments in WoW; we will be forced back into the open market and will have to constantly price gouge and manipulate markets just to beat inflation. This will be bad for all players, not just the 1%.

Please Blizzard, reconsider the Feldrake and Perpetual Purple Firework airdrops, there is significant economic damage that will result.


Just stop with these threads. Blizzard, start locking them up please!


That they bought a rare card, and can brag that they have said rare card? It’s life, you win some, you lose some.

Didn’t I see the OP post a similar thread? I am wondering what happened to the other one. Did it get deleted? lol

I didn’t even realize that other people had posted about it. I heard the news and came immediately to voice my concern. I guess it’s good to know that there are others out there who see the danger of this move.

Kiofea I get it, most people don’t have the Feldrake and don’t really care about it, but a large and important aspect of WoW’s economy is going to be removed. This will have serious ripple effects that outweigh the short-term buzz Blizzard will get from more Twitch viewers.

This is akin to removing Bonds from our real-world economy. It’s not just people malding that their purchase is being given away (I don’t even have a Feldrake), there are larger flaws with this plan that will affect all players whether they care about mounts or not.

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Nah, it’s fine.

This is the first post I have made. I did not make another nor was another deleted.


you’re simply confused because this brand new forum alt just happens to have an avatar that’s almost identical to that other guy who made like 6 posts about this, Hee or whatever it was


I’m more disappointed in you for being against just letting people have fun. That’s very selfish of you, sir.

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Ooooh you’re right, I am sorry.

You guys have the same mog which confused me. xD

It’s literally a free thing they’re doing, you dolt.

Literally, free…

And you’re here complain


My point is not that people are losing and others are gaining something for free. The problem is that now TCG mounts are toxic investments, and what used to be a standard place for people to park their gold no longer exists. All of that gold will now have to go into market manipulation to beat inflation, which it will! This is bad for all players.

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I mean, it’s Blizzard property at the end of the day. They can do with it as they please. This item being sold for ridiculous prices are not Blizzard’s problem and should not being used as an agreement against them giving the items out.

You act like people selling rare items out for $5k, only for Blizz to give them out for free a decade later and they are the villains for it. >.>


Please try to understand, my issue is not with people gaining free mounts that others paid for. The issue is that TCG mounts were a standard investment for people to park their gold in so they could beat inflation. Now TCG mounts are toxic investments and people will have to do market manipulation to beat inflation instead, and they will!

Placing money is never a guaranteed placement. Digital goods never were “priceless”, get physical antiques if you want to do that kind of living for an earning.

The gold cost of TCG mounts are peanuts to the gold that is actually present on the realms. Magicuz of EU was sitting on 5 billion at the end of BFA. When Gallywix, the biggest boosting community, got banned billions again were wiped off the servers and that bann affected the gold value on the realms not even 24hrs.

Ye sure you could invest in these mounts but you would have to invest in every single one of them and not just the fel drake.

And you most certainly cant manipulate the market in the way you assume you can with just the fel drake gold. Especially now.

Your analogy is insufficient. I am not saying that I am upset about this and my feelings are the reason this should be changed, I am saying that a fundamental class of assets available to be purchased in-game have had the fundamental aspect that gave them value removed. People will not buy these to hold onto them, which is what they were doing, so they will instead buy other things to hold onto them; this will cause mass inflation in markets that have previously not seen inflation at that scale, and normal players will suffer as a result.

I’ve said it multiple times, I don’t even have a Feldrake so the item itself or items being airdropped is not the concern I am raising…

You shouldn’t feel comfortable spending millions of gold on an AH TCG mount. Those spectral tigers are notorious for being dupes.

They are using the same transmogrification, but this one is Human where the other was Blood Elf I think.

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