Ready to give up


you mean like I had the Flight Whistle ‘handed’ to me because by the time I started Legion it was already ‘past tense’ ?
Things change, son. Stuff YOU worked for in OLD content doesnt NEED the grinds like it did when the content was current.
People want to play CURRENT WoW…not have to grind for months for OLD WoW.
Imagine that.
Oh wait…you cant.


You’re a big boy. Step on him.


and have to listen to the incessant whimpering for a month?


Step on him hard enough and the only sound you’ll hear is a “YELP!”.

(Pharsalus) #67

Are you paying? Then they don’t care.


Is there a particular aspect of the achievements that you find confusing? What type of content do you prefer to play on a regular basis?

At a base level, if you do the main story quests see (like the chapters listed in each zone) and continue to do the emissary quests for reputation, that tends to be a large chunk of the work. Did you have particular concerns about these requirements that we listed before they are playable? I appreciate the input!


This is bait.

All there is to it.

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I’ve always been keenly aware of this one thing that stands out about world of warcraft that I don’t seem to experience any where else in gaming or IRL.
It seems like whenever players see new things or are experiencing them for the first time, they often get overwhelmed.

This happens all the time with new patches.
My guild mates log on, and they are so divided in their interests of what to do next, they often times just run around in circles trying to figure it out.
That’s been something I’ve noticed for a LONG time too, not just recently.

Same with returning players. People I have played with from years ago return, and they kind of just sit there not knowing what to do.
Things pop up on the screen, but they have missed so much they would need a third party to help them understand the hierarchy of things to do.
Especially problematic with Legion when they had all the different order hall quests, the TOV quests, etc.

I think one of WoW’s curses is that its just too big. It has too many different things to do, and because its so big finding exactly what to do when can be overwhelming.

The OP reads like some one being overwhelmed.
My advice is just take a deep breath.
Remember what year it is. Its the age of information. If you have a question, some one on the internet has a detailed answer for it, and with WoW we have an entire website for just that.

I think once you can see things clearly you’ll realize there is nothing complicated about unlocking the allied races. It may LOOK like a mountain because you are unfamiliar with it, but its really just a staircase.

Take a few steps as often as you can, all while “playing” the game, and you’ll be done in no time.

There is no huge list of research to be done. Just a quick google search, a few deep breaths, and a bunch of pwning npcs.

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Legion was a really confusing expansion when you started late. I did all the stuff on my first account and then on my second account I bought the expansion around about argus just to get the flying done and it really was terribly confusing I remember and I had done it first time around. There were so many things changed around and things you didn’t have to do and so many areas you had to go to - just really bad.

I will skip the entire process this time for pathfinder on my second account.

Allied races to be honest should be a little easier, although you would still run into the need to get to Argus and I don’t know.

If you want to play then play, don’t quit and come back it is far far easier that way.


That’s a GOOD thing.

It’s good for players to be overwhelmed with CONTENT and stuff to do rather than nothing at all.


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Yeah let’s all fly at the beginning of the xpac and basically never see anyone ever because people just do quests and leave. No sense of danger or interaction, and you never get to see anyone

that is what happens right now anyway. people train in as fast as they can through everything they don’t want to kill, tag their quest as quick as they can, and then off they go, by whistle or hearthstone. the only difference is some people would rather enjoy flying over the whistle or hearthstone.

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Hey Bornakk.

If I need to read Wowhead guides to figure out what I need to do to get flying or unlocking an allied race then you are doing something wrong.

Not everyone is running around doing every world quest or emmissary or playing every expansion.
Here take my void elf for example.
It took an entire MONTH playing everyday as a returning player to get them.

The amount of frustrating and confusing quests I had no idea about to unlock Argus was annoying. And then I learn there are mission tables and order halls that give me reputation missions but I need to grind them too otherwise I just have to grind oldschool.

It is extremely annoying.

(Metrohaha) #75

I agree. I was just saying that to help the OP realize its not uncommon to feel this way, and they shouldn’t give up just because they hit a small skid.



For the Horde!

(Tarc) #78

It’s 2019.

Is googling hard?

(Lithya) #79

you are confusing content with barriers.

Is making a proper game progression hard? I came to play. Not browse wowhead.

(Metrohaha) #80

This is very misleading. I’ll be frank. How do you think the people from WoWhead or whomever wrote the guide for the content you are reading/watching got the information they are giving you?

You do not NEED to read a guide on how to unlock flying.
Its very very easy. That example is just a poor one, as other than finding out you can’t unlock it yet, the entire pathfinder achievement explains itself.

I could understand confusion about unlocking say Nightborne or as you mentioned figuring out which questlines start Argus content etc though for sure.

But its not so confusing that you can’t possibly figure it out on your own.

Be fair here, to yourself and to Blizzard.
You are capable of a small amount of research if it needs to be done.

Not everything needs to be made so easy a child couldn’t possibly fail it.

I think the bigger problem is, there are just so many different quests and breadcrumbs that you get lost trying to figure out which one to do first, instead of just thinking clearly on the matter.

(Scruit) #81

I do very much agree with you, but the direction the game has become “watch a video or read a guide by someone else who figured it out” these days for alot of content


Nifty eh? That’s an interesting way to spell master

(Lithya) #83

I was a returning player.
I go to stormwind to see what I need to do. I had ZERO knowledge of legion besides the demon hunter intro.

Anyway check out the banners and each one is telling me about achievements and reputations that I need. With zero context.
I was absolutely lost.
I didnt even know what an argus was or how I got there.

So yeah. I had to google it or check out youtube videos to inform myself.
The couple hours I could set aside every few days or weeks were absolutely being wasted by constantly needing to read up on these idiotic third party info sources just to figure out what is going on.

Its one of the reasons I now NOPE out of any video that starts with “HEEEEY GUYS IN TODAY’S VIDEO…”
Thats why this expansion I ain’t getting flying or allied races. I am done.
I refuse to consult Wowhead each time i need to do something.