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I bought the expansion to play new races, however the mountain of confusing quests/achievements needed is insane. I don’t want to spend hours NOT PLAYING while I’m picking through achievement/quest lists trying to figure which requirement I’ve missed this time. The same is true for flight. It seems that with every expansion our flight ability is taken away. Researching another huge list of achievements is required to get back the ability that was taken away yet again. Please give is a break, some of us don’t want a doctorate in Warcraft, we just want to play the game. I am spending most of my time trying to find missing parts of achievement lists!!! No fun at all.

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Well that’s the fun part of wow isn’t it, figuring stuff out?

You might be playing the wrong game.


No, as I said I like to play the game… That’s actually play, not spend hours picking through achievement lists.

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This. Half the fun is supposed to be figuring stuff out.

Discovering how it all works.

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Anytime someone complains about any aspect of wow this is one of the first “arguments” I see. It’s ridiculous.

Flying at max level should have NEVER been taken away from the players. It was never a problem until Blizzard made it a problem. Allied races are just a time gated grind.

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Wowhead. It’ll take 5 minutes, and you’ll be on track.

Also, we have many nifty and superior races in the Horde. Come. Come join us. Grumbles even shares his cookies with us.

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And it probably shouldn’t be taking you hours to pick through the achievement lists. You have the search bar to find the exact ones you need.

But, I will also say that figuring it all out is a lot of fun because you can actually determine what you need to do and what you CAN do in the moment.

At the same time, however, the races should have been released months ago.

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Achievements are like looking for something lost in a messy house. Clean the house, and you’ll find it, along with other missing things.


Everything is a time grind. That’s how MMOs work. I don’t grind island expeditions cuz I find the content garbo. But allied races are fine, shouldn’t take you more than 3 weeks to hit exalted. Instead people find time to whine in the forums.

Fine with staggered flying. WPvP is fun, and these super small and tight zones aren’t designed for flying.

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The zones aren’t designed for flying but you have multiple flight paths and an instant teleport whistle. They don’t seem like they were designed to be trudged through either.

Taking away flying is taking away player choice. Don’t like flying? Don’t fly. It’s literally that simple.


Err…yes they were. Zones are jampacked with mobs. You can’t quest or do objectives by jumping from FP A to B. You have to negotiate through the mobs at some point and it really does suck how much trash these small zones have.

Compare to Barrens or Ungoro or older zones, there was more breathing space.

Yeah let’s all fly at the beginning of the xpac and basically never see anyone ever because people just do quests and leave. No sense of danger or interaction, and you never get to see anyone.

I am sure bounties and wpvp with flying will work like a charm.


Can’t figure out how a person works until you hit it upside the head with a shovel, rip into it’s guts, and scoop out it’s entrails with your bare hands!


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If it takes you hours to look up the achievements for any of the current allied races, you have a very slow reading pace, and it has nothing to do with the game.


Wpvp is barely alive now.


Yes, and flying kills it.

Remove sharding and fix servers so 20v20 isn’t a lagfest.


Sharding is detrimental to roleplay as well.


Agreed. Sharding is just…a bandaid that tried to fix things but made things much worse.

If anyone has ever played in an RP/RP-PvP server, they’d know the pain.


If I still felt pain as sharply as I used to I would be wincing at it right now.

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Do you keep up with anything Blizzard says, especially at Blizzcon?

Ummmm, nope. Completely false. Years ago during WoD they wanted flying removed completely for WoD and beyond. People complained (which I did as well) and decided to bring it back under their conditions (which was fine with me as well since it is extremely easy to do). They said going forward this is how flight will be unlocked. It has NOT changed since then.

It isn’t hard to figure out what Pathfinder is. You click the achievement to see your progress if you aren’t sure. Not that hard.

As for the races, pretty easy to unlock also. Not that hard and I didn’t even look at my achievements to know what I needed still as I just unlocked it playing the game. Basically just need rep which comes easy and no where near the grind it was in MoP nor Vanilla/BC.

Sounds like mmos might be a little too complicated for you as those 2 main things you mentioned is quite easy to figure out what needs to be done.

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Or just queue for bgs and dungeons and don’t worry about the quests.