Ready to give up

(Faraya) #137

Honestly, I think that allied races should be playable once they’re put into the game. I myself have grinded out all the necessary reps to get all the allied races I want but I do not look forward to grinding anymore rep just for the sake of having an allied race. It’s extremely tedious.

(Ralanthel) #138

I was ready to agree with you but you lost me at this part. It is entirely possible to achieve pathfinder part 1 on accident. By the time I looked up the requirements, I had to explore one corner of Drustvar and I had it unlocked.


My problem isn’t with the amount of work needed. It’s the time gating.

The Zandalari and Kul Tirans as playable races were announced as features of the expansion, yet withheld until (at this rate) almost a year-and-a-half after the expansion’s announcement, and seven to eight months after the expansion’s launch. And there was nothing we could do as players to shorten the time needed to unlock them - large sections of content required to unlock them have remained inaccessible until very recently, and there is further required content that is still inaccessible.

It was, and remains, entirely at Blizzard’s whim as to when we get something we were promised in November, 2017.

That is what I take issue with - delays or schedules that were not communicated, made clear or given any player agency to reduce in any way.

(Brahmina) #140

While I personally have no problem with having to unlock the races (or Pathfinder), I totally agree with the above. Not telling us when something will be available is pretty low. Everything–the allied races and Pathfinder–should be available to be worked on from launch. The only things that should be withheld are things that haven’t been announced at all, and then they should be implemented so they can be earned in one go–not after some ill-defined future patch.

(Aehl) #141

Flying is 1 achievement, pathfinder.

Flying is 2 achievements, pathfinder 1 , 2 and a timegate. I have pathfinder 1. Cant fly yet.


Did you watch the recent Q&A that talked about the timing of the Kul Tiran and how it relates to things? We understand that nobody wants to wait but we still aim to deliver the best experience possible and sometimes that leads to delays on things.

One thing to note from your post, what further required content is still inaccessible?

(Pharsalus) #143

Flying was never an issue until Blizzard made it an issue.

(Gunny) #144

Seems like time-gating has become par for the course in WoW. Too many carrots dangling from the end of overly long sticks. Likely a good part of the reason subs are so low. Flight is a great example. How many times is it necessary to ride down the same path before you’ve “experienced” it?

Seems far more likely the time-gating is designed more for a way to drag out play time and less for actual experiencing the game the way the devs want. I’m not fooled at all.

(Raabititus) #145

This I am in complete agreement with. While some QOL additions have been fantastic, others have dumbed the game a bit too much. It doesn’t need to be so simple it could be played on a play station.

I disagree with the need for a returning player to “grind” through the pathfinder ordeal in past expansions. Yes, I did all of them when current and I would have zero problems if outdated pathfinder achievements could be purchased with gold now. If it served to keep returning players active, that’s more people I would have to run content with. Is so simple it’s silly.

(Gutjob) #146

It’s really not the wait for it per se. It’s the out of touch requirements for that wait that really annoying. The game wants us to wait for races. then the game wants us to wait to complete requirements. Its this oh well just wait for it. is what wrong with wow itself? No one wants to be on an endless road. What we want is to get to point a from b with less amount of tourist aspects to see the world requirements. Wow on other hand wants us to take the road down a path takes so long we just stop and turn around and head home.

I get people to say this is a new world. Guess what it got a whole lot wrong with it. When you make your customer spend more time out of the game looking up stuff to play the game. You basically just lost. Because back in the day, you talk to people about the game. other people overheard it and wanted to see what fun is. Now you want them to stay home, look up and play the game. You took away the one thing about the game. I am not telling anyone if they can not see it. That what the whole disconnect is happening.


I read Wowhead’s blog of it - bit hard to watch it live with the timezone difference, and I can’t bear to watch them after the fact on YouTube after the second or third time Ion brushed off the Worgen model update delays :sweat_smile: :sweat:

The reasons to keep us waiting this long for the Kul Tirans (in particular) are shaky at best. We’ve already rallied the major Houses of Kul Tiras back to the Admiralty, saved the ruling house from an attempted coup, reunited the (now-former) Lord Admiral with her daughter, saved Boralus from a siege and returned their long-lost fleet (among them the last of Katherine’s wayward, still-breathing offspring).

By contrast the Zandalari haven’t quite reached the level of closeness to the Horde that they have now that they’ve had their King and navy turned into mulch. I mean, all we’ve done for them is defeated an attempted coup and stopped their race’s utter genocide via Blood God - definitely also not enough for them to formally ally with the Horde. But disregarding that little jab of mine, why aren’t they even unlockable now with the release of the event that most actively spurs them into joining the Horde?

All of these narrative threads come together in a way that’d make it very believable that these factions would consider joining the Alliance. Heck, all it took for the Tauren to join the Horde was a simple jaunt across the Barrens.

The scenario(s) & quest(s) directly undertaken to unlock the Zandalari and Kul Tirans.


The fact that you can say “it’ll only take 3 weeks” is impressive.

Your character is literally the first thing you do, it’s the proverbial bedrock of your experience. You’re telling new players to throw away 3 weeks of their life just to actually START the game.

That’s just bad design, the very first thing you ask a new player to do when they start up your game shouldn’t be a 3 week grind so they can immediately restart ‘but for real this time’.

(Kargyraa) #149

How do you decide what the best possible experience is if it isn’t from talking to players?


A million times this.


Making a new race like Kul Tiran is a challenge and it did impact the timing of things a bit.

The scenarios are part of the actual unlock process which means the races are playable which is happening in the next content update. I thought you were referring to more requirements to complete which is a different thing. On the bright side, it means more content is coming! :slight_smile:

Blue: A question about signing up for WOW

What I got from the Q&A is that somehow after designing 8 skeletons for character models back in 2001/2002, and then again in 2006 for TBC, that art was lost from your designers. Clearly, not the same people are doing this 12 years later. But it shouldn’t have taken upwards of 9+ months – assuming you began building the Kul’Tiran skeletons during expansion development and not after the launch – to figure this out, considering you’d done it over a decade past with presumably rougher tools.

So then the explanation that Zandalari were shuffled around to release along with KT for story purposes, and that itself was the result of having taken extremely longer than necessary to design said skeletons/models, makes the entire explanation very hard to swallow.

It’s far easier to believe, and far more credit to your own people – that the release was result of intentional timegating, and not because your designers forgot how to create skeletal models for new character types.


Just let us fly now. This Timegate thing is really annoying.

(Tiridan) #154

In the Q&A Ion stated that they stretched out the development in order to finish the Kul Tirans, since they wouldn’t be able to finish them otherwise.

Though I agree that it was frustrating to be originally that there were “story reasons” and not development reasons.


Weird how achievements came in, you basically had to redo many things you’d done before, and then the population began its steady decline.


Amazing all the basic things this multi billion dollar enterprise can’t finish in a reasonable amount of time. Blizzard can’t finish fat humans that are already npcs in game…guess Beta for Azeroth wasn’t finished when they charged everyone for it.