Re: RDF -- create a survey pop up on login like Social Contract

Citation needed

Nah youll quit before then.

But that’s just it, I don’t see it stopping. I see it cooling off but it will always be asked for. Kind of like people’s posts about low pop servers…a ever present issue in the mind’s of Forum posters. I’m sure it will calm down a bit.
But the main point of them doing this and me bringing it up is that the RDF posts can almost completely stop. Hope so anyway.

I’m not playing wrath until then lmao so yeah I guess in a way that is true

Rofl facts these people are crying about RDF I doubt they playing vanilla or tbc and expect us to believe they’ll play WOTLK instead of DF

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Here you go! This is what an actual majority looks like.

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Well no that’s actually what #nochanges looks like, and batching ended up being a miserable failure which most people hated. Because A) it was always stupid B) blizzard couldn’t even get it to work like it back in vanilla.

I think your thst guy who argues just to argue bc well you find enjoyment… like a dopamine hit if you will.

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That’s what the majority supporting something looks like. Notice how RDF has never received that type on unanimous support.

Just like RDF would be. No need to waste our time on it.

I see the comparison you’re trying to make, but hear me out

  1. If you were to ask your kids what they actually want, you wouldn’t risk throwing away perfectly cooked steak.
  2. One is a system to last for years, the other one is a 20 minute event.

Think a fair comparison would have been
" I already started building house walls out of recycled wood, so why would I ask home buyers if they want brick walls instead".

I think what a lot of folks fail to really realize is the actual purpose of RDF.
Without RDF, you are leaving all smaller servers in the duster.
Without RDF, all non-dominant factions are also left in the duster.
RDF was an easy & convenient way to earn bonus rewards for those top geared folks who otherwise have very little incentive to run dungeons when they are in full 25 gear. Even with RDF, very little reason to run, but at least it’s quick in & out process, and not spend 5-20m gathering a group.

RDF will not matter during first half of Phase 1 of wrath. Everyone will be running dungeons. There will be a slot for everyone.

But then, as soon as 70-80 mass rush is over, same as it was in TBC, finding dungeon groups was a lot harder. A LOT. Not to mention phase 2. Heck, world was dead before JJ 50% buff.

The difference of course being that RDF is widely popular now and back in the day. Batching always sucked and trying to add it to classic instantly made the game worse.

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Not as popular as batching was. And batching shows ya how even the most popular of features can be awful.

Same for RDF.

Why not have…both? More subs also means more people to buy services. Its bad business practice to milk a dwindling playerbase when your focus should be getting more players so you can sell more in game services to said players.

Blizzard has no data showing that RDF was negative for the game. I guarantee you that’ve had more people quit in the last 3 months over RDF being removed from the game, than people quitting over the last 10 years because it existed.

We just have to accept the fact that Blizzard lost the ability to make good content years go (long after RDF was in the game). They’re gaslighting RDF because they refuse to admit that the last 3 expansions have been absolute garbage because the devs just continue to make bad design decisions. Instead of admitting it and take responsibility, they’re blaming a feature thats been one of the major factors in keeping retail alive up until this point, because those devs who made RDF are long gone.

The problem is… even when Blizzard states their feelings on something, they still sometimes reverse their feelings/decisions if people are adamant enough about it.

However… the biggest problem of all is that only a very small fraction of players visit the forums to post their opinions (possibly less than 1%) and many of those are the biggest whiners and most toxic players that can never be satisfied anyways… and don’t always share the majority opinion.

The average player’s opinion is never considered because they never send out questionnaires/polls/etc. Seriously, when/where/how does Blizzard get the average player’s opinion?

Well, my opinion is that removing dungeon finder isn’t a design decision. They just don’t want to spend the time or resources to get the old tool to work right with the new client.

And they don’t think it’s that big a deal. Especially Brian Birmingham. This thread is about surveys, and I remember a tweet he made about the subject of polling players about changes. He even put ‘cut lfd’ and ‘add lfd’ as theoretical questions and like what percent it would take to enact a change.

Someone called him out in the fact that removing lfd is the change, not adding it. He made some flippant reply. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but this issue to him is not a big deal. He’ll eventually find out how wrong he is.

They’re really going to feel it when all the people who are returning just for WOTLK realize that its been gutted, and quit. Right now, they’re sitting in a board room rubbing their hands together watching the subs increase, by P2 WOTLK Classic they’ll be trying to figure out why there was a drastic decline in subs, and then maybe they’ll start reading the feedback section of the ‘reason you unsubscribed’ field.

I agree with this. They don’t want to put the development time into make it, the ‘pillars’ are just a cheap misdirect from the real reason - time and money.

Brian is about as narcissistic as it gets. They won’t officially poll it because the overwhelming support to put it back in would absolutely crush his ego - and he’s definitely one of the times that just can’t be wrong about anything.

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I liked his (apparent) enthusiasm early on, but turned out to be the Classic wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Someone made the wrong decision to give him a position with some sort of power or pull on decisions, and its went to his head. I’m waiting for the day when its announced that he’s left the company or going to a different division. I’ll drink to that.

Brian said it wasnt an end all be all, so making our voices heard on the forum leads to them reversing the decision.