Re-Enable the Character Clone Service - Players Want to Return

Let’s consider this point of view:

  1. Blizzard is greedy
  2. Blizzard is corrupt
  3. Blizzard will cross almost any ethical line to make money
  4. Blizzard is sitting on a potential gold mine in the form of re-opening clones because
  5. Blizzard still has the data
  6. Blizzard is choosing not to make all this money for unknown reasons that are completely incompatible with points 1-5 above.

It just doesn’t make any sense.

I can believe that Blizzard won’t handle the bot situation because it doesn’t make financial sense for them to do so.

I can’t believe that they have the ability to make a lot of money off of cloning but are declining to do so because… no particular reason?


The copies aren’t what blizzard would consider a gold mine. Classic in its entirety is barely worth blizzards time. That’s why they’ve been progressively adding more avenues of monetization with boosts and tokens each iteration. Even if they could bring the clones back I don’t expect them to bother with the work. It would be a nice PR gesture to their customers but blizzard doesn’t care about that and isn’t going to invest the money when most of the people are probably subbed anyway.

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Eventually some troll is going to go back through my posts and throw it at me without understanding the irony involved and I will be thoroughly annoyed.

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This almost certainly isn’t true. Just this summer they put dev time into:

  • classic HC
  • classic SOM
  • classic era PvP update

They would have done none of this if “classic isn’t worth their time”

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If people spent the time in game to lvl a new character 1-60 as they do complaining in the WoW forums about cloning you’d have a main and alt at/near 60.


I said barely worth their time it makes a profit but clearly the subscription profit alone isn’t enough hence the additions of paid boosts, tokens, server transfer charges, collectors editions for each expansion. Classic started out as just the sub fee and like retail has seen progressively more attempts at monetization. I also wouldn’t use SoM as an example when their seasonal game version hasn’t had a season in almost two years. I don’t expect to ever see dramatic development investment in stuff like classic + like people want, just relatively low effort and cost effective stuff like hardcore. That’s why I don’t expect to see the clones, not really a big financial upside. I have no doubt they’d rather everyone play Dragonflight instead.

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Blizzard has been sitting on upsells before and they hold off before releasing when they want a revenue boost for the quarter. I’ve seen it. Several times.

Look, I know you hate the idea of clones coming back. You’ve made that abundantly clear over many threads. Why do you hate it? No clue.

I know who Bg is because he was on Earthfury. I’ve fought him in pvp and he’s good. I’ve done premades with him on the ally side and my friend was doing arena with him. So I can say I know him enough to know he has a temper but he loves this game and he did play it a lot.

So I’m going to have his back here. If he couldn’t afford the $100 at that point then fine. The $5 sale and discontinuation weren’t very advertised. Is the data actually gone? Maybe. I’m still going to say that Blizzard holds stuff back and they make stuff up all the time because I’ve said that many times and I’ll say it again.

Also, I’m pretty sure Bg didn’t just come here to argue with people who want to white knight for Blizzard.


I dont understand that guy, he clones his character on era and 3years later he almost has his naxx bis, but for some reason he’s against anyone else cloning a char?

He must be trolling.

Thanks for the kind words much love to you brother.


I’m sure that’s all true.

He’s also extremely dishonest on the cloning issue. Just scroll up in this thread.

As I’ve said I used to be ambivalent on the cloning issue. The rank dishonesty of the cloning late-adopters has turned me anti-cloning. Idk what else to tell you about my motivations.

If Bg would say something like “I should’ve cloned, but I didn’t because I thought Era was dead and would never come back to life. Now that Era is popping off again, I regret my decision. Please bring the clones back.” I would support him. But he has chosen to be dishonest about it and so I don’t want him to ever get his clone back.

If you can’t see the daylight between white knighting for blizzard and calling out Bg for lying idk what to tell you.

I’m once again calling on you to provide proof for your “guarantee” that Blizzard still has the data, or to acknowledge that you yourself are the only troll here.

you’d think this would be the end of it but no, they’re gonna INSIST that the data isn’t really gone. no, it must have been backed up SOMEWHERE. it’s just that none of these people know about it, ok?? :expressionless:


And lemme tell you something else—our government is poisoning us with chem trails! Why are they doing this? To cover up the fact that the world is flat!

I “guarantee” it!

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that convo is interesting too because they make it clear they cloned and snapshotted every single character in classic WoW. that is NOT a small amount of data, people. of course they had to delete it eventually. :expressionless:

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You don’t understand. They kept it and are lying about it. For reasons. With one touch of one button on his keyboard, Bobby K. could restore the clones and make millions. But all of a sudden, he hates money.


Sorry, but someone who is hiding on an alt and cant get their naxx bis in 3years after classic ended doesnt add anything to the discussion we could take seriously. You need to learn to read more and type less.

P.S. this is my last message to you i can feel my brain hurting from lack of intelectual conversation, the biggest proof of them still having clone snapshot will be them bringing clones back. Cant wait to laugh at you when it happens.

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You’re not going to support your “guarantee” with anything resembling evidence, are you?

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Omar isn’t here to save them this time unfortch.

Spot on. Now we sit here and ask for Classic+ and/or Fresh. Turtle is getting a big population. Won’t be long before Blizz sees that and takes advantage. They will absolutely follow the money, and I would all but guarantee they would 100% put dev time into a complete game to add a couple more raids/dungeons for how massively popular it would be. Even if that content only lasted a year, the amount of people who would keep playing, and those who would return to check it out alone would be well worth it for the amount of time/money they’d put into either of those things.

And yet, you’re here.

There is a megathread going on for this topic right now and it’s got a lot of hits. Share it around to all your friends who you know will come back with the clone service! Tell them to let blizzard know in a comment. We will only see change if blizzard knows their playerbase want this:

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Better still, make an ingame suggestion or open a ticket about it.