<RDS> 5/8M - 2Night - Paid XFER for a lock

Social run tonight!

Still accepting an exceptional boomy, mage, or lock

Range please :smiley:

Tank/Locks/priests/boomies? Where are you? grong deaded 2/9m

Tenplys spot as guild daddy is also up for grabs

Jadefire dies tonight! Range dps apply

Back to the top!

20% jadefire. IT dies next week! Two day mythic guild! Come kill mythic on a relaxed schedule

Still looking for rdps!

any tanks?

bumperty boomp

Very High need for a tank

Resto shaman? Disc priest? Where are you ? Come raid mythic two days a week

I heard you guys got opulence down today.

You ears are good then :stuck_out_tongue:

Show us some dank pews

High need for a warlock

ANy booomies? Who can root?

and locks please

High need for resto shaman or disc priest, warlock, and boomy