<RDS> 5/8M - 2Night - Paid XFER for a lock

< Red Dragon Society > is a former Top 100 US raiding guild. We are NOW returning as a 2day/6 HR raiding guild. Our main intention is clearing content at a reasonable pace on a VERY light schedule. Our officer core comprises of previous top 75 US raiders.

Raid Times

Tuesday: 8est - 11est
Thursday: 8est - 11est

Our Goals

  • Clear content at a reasonable rate
  • Enjoy the game
  • Community
  • Sales/alts on off nights (optional)

What we are looking for

  • Reliable
  • Quick learners
  • Communication
  • Mature
  • Willing to improve
  • No Drama

Recruitment Needs

Healer - 1

Disc Priest

Dps - 3
DH (Immediate)
Warrior (HIGH)
Hunter (HIGH)
Fire Mage (HIGH)
Shadow Priest (HIGH)
Warlock (HIGH)
Boomkin (HIGH)

Contact Us

Raid Leader: Gumk - crazzyboots#1114

Or feel free to send in an application and one of the officers will contact you ASAP

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Bump for the early work people!

Post work bumpity

2 or 3 more core spots available!

Need a cookie baker please!

Currently do not have a DH on the roster and would love to pick up a solid one

I need more friends

Still need a strong warlock

Heroic tonight! Come trial :smiley:

Bumpity up

Warlocks, demon hunters, and resto shammys hit us up!

Still lookin

Looks for more friends!

Take tenply’s hunter spot

Looking for caster friends!

Come join in on the fun!

Bumpity bump

to the top!

Bump bump bump :slight_smile:

Last night of Uldir! Onward to BoD!