<RDS> 5/8M - 2Night - Paid XFER for a lock

We got cookies :slight_smile:

380 Havoc lfg. 2/8M 8/8H
Lifeisfel on Illidan
btag endorush#1303

@Fel added you so we can talk

Recruiting any excellent raiders. Could still use another healer.

Weekend hype

Ready for the new tier!

Need healer so I can play RET :slight_smile:

Happy Saturday

385 MW Here looking for a core spot! just sent you an bnet invite

3 days til tier!

To the top!!

Still core spots open for a mage, spriest, and boomy

Need mage and boomy!

3/9 (10% on 4th boss)β€” Lets get it

5/9! Still really need a rdruid/shaman and a mage and boomy!

Still looking for more friends!

Join us for mythic!

Need a feathery book friend

Selling souls for a resto shaman! Core spot

Lets get to it

Monkey to 20%. He’ll die next week