RDF Needs to Come Back

Explanation not even needed at this point look at how badly the community wants it.


no we dont so there


No thank you.

No to RDF in Wrath
No to LFR in Cata



RDF 100 percent needs to be added back in.


RDF was not introduced until ICC and players did just fine. Classic Wrath and players will be better off without it.


On this note, I demand to progress through the patches starting at 3.0.2 as we did back in Classic. Players didn’t start on 3.3.5, which is the LFD patch, so why are we starting there now?


Tell me how I will be better off without it using only concrete examples backed by history-proven or evidence-based reasoning.

(Hint: You cant.)


Better off without it? Get home from work…maybe got two hours to play. With dungeon finder maybe you bang out a good 4 or 5 dungeons. Without it you spend two hours spamming the lfg channel, getting rejected over and over because you don’t have high enough gear score or playing the wrong spec. Two hours later you’ve accomplished nothing.

Wow, players are so much better off!!


we definitely do and based on how the new Retail group finder tool is playing out on beta (people list themselves and are generally too lazy to start invites or communicate / coordinate summons) it’s pretty much a certainty at either the Ulduar or TOC patch Dungeon finder will be added.


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already 10 likes

1:10 ratio
Kaa, looks like you’re wrong.


WE want LFD/RDF!


Oh course I could, but I took a look at your post history and you have already made up your mind so I’ll not waste my time.

To humor you though I will say auto grouping, cross realm systems have zero accountability for toxic behavior. MMO communities are better when they can police themselves. As for a concrete example, there were several times when a ret pally or arms warrior would que as a tank and expect the group to suffer. Countless other examples of behaviors encouraged by RDF, but again you’ve already made up your mind so…

imagine confirmation bias existing. but sure, extrapolate like ratios.

Not sure if you know what confirmation bias is. Its easy to read the forums for one day and see its not even remotely close in regards to how many prople do want it versus dont. And if you dont trust the forums, talk to literally anyone

we also had 2 big polls.
at least the 2 I have seen, as there may be more.

a youtuber had 28k vote poll.
wowlogs had 25k vote poll.

both dominated in favor of RDF.

…but haters will tell you that only pro-RDF people use youtube. And only pro-RDF people wowlogs.
oh, and every pro-RDF person got 100’s of accounts to skew the results. And every anti-RDF vote is 100% legit.


I prefer no RDF and I have not participated in any poll.

I would think the reason they have left RDF out of Wrath is because of feedback from people that have quit the game. Same thing for boosting, GDKP and other forms of RMTs. Those people, myself included, resubbed in order to play Wrath because RDF was not included. Youtubers and forums tend to be echo chambers, not everyone thinks like you.


I dont care either way Blizz!

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Would you apply that same argument and logic to Battlegrounds as they are cross realm? I can literally troll an entire Arathi basin game and I will not have zero accountability for my behavior.

If you want accountability to someone, your best bet is to vote kick that individual and or report that individual to Blizzard (if its reportable). Up for debate on if Blizzard will handle that report.

The problem with that is if someone said some toxic stuff in guild and was toxic in general to everyone on the server and the server community black lists that individual, that person that is black listed could just simply transfer off.

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and I prefer yes RDF and I have not participated in any poll either.

So, you’re suggesting to fully ignore people who speak up. This also includes those who vote no on the polls and forums, and reddit, and mmochamp, and wowhead, and discords…pretty much on any & every platform.

AND “listen” to those who don’t say anything? How exactly how are u going to do that?

So you want to trust an unfounded/unsupported speculation instead of actual numbers.

K, cool.

lmao what?
People only resubbed because there won’t be RDF?
you crack me up mate.

u have a good one.


As to PvP being cross realm I would prefer it not to be but I do not really PvP so I try not to weigh in on those conversations.

As to reporting, you said it yourself Blizz does nothing so the best we can do is to police ourselves. If someone is forced to transfer servers the policing worked, the player was ostracized and forced to pay a price (literally in this example) for their behavior and hopefully learned and grew from the experience. If not they will have to repeat the afore mentioned process until they learn or give up.