Rated Solo Shuffle Update

I don’t think they explicitly stated that we can continue our progress on the current vicious mounts. It’s wildly unclear from the post whether the rewards include SL Season 4 or will strictly apply to DF Season 1 and beyond. Would really love some official clarification on this. I was hoping to upgrade some conq gear before DF launch, but that sadly seems like it may not be an option.

Blizz states:


Nice find! Well hopefully this is all just an oversight and will blow over quickly. Can’t wait for this whole ordeal to appear on Taliesin’s Weekly Reset, though… because this is a sh*t show, obviously.

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True and real brah

Let’s be real here - if there was an issue with raids or M+ not dropping loot or having broken UI frames it would be fixed within hours. PvP is the absolute lowest priority to them and I’m not sure if they’re even aware of the issue due to a lack of blue posts about this (unless I missed something).


Who are you to tell people what they can or can’t play? If you don’t want to play with 0 ratings then perhaps you shouldn’t queue for rated anything.

I’ll bet right now you’re thinking “who the h*ll is this guy telling me what to do”.

Do you see now?

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Yeah said something about we have to wait until server restarts or something like that but you are very right about the PvE vs. PvP issues and where their priorities lie that’s for sure haha

This didn’t pass testing, this did pass fixing.

Months of PvP feedback in beta forums and they ignore all of it.
Not one blue post aknowledging PvP problems in the beta.

I think they clearly underestimate what harm can be caused to the whole release if PvP is in this disaster state.


Rated shuffle is fun,

But you need to give us conquest and rating based on what we did in previous rounds if someone is leaving before the end. You also need to increase the consequence for leaving, otherwise people will always rage quit.

This is going to ruin the experience of solo shuffle.


Preach brother

Big true and real

After playing ranked solo shuffle on prepatch do you have any plans to increase conquest gain because currently you play 6 arenas and if you win 6 you still only get about 87 conquest for first win of the day. Thats 6 arena matches to where if i queue’d 3’s and won 6 games thats probably about 50 conquest per arena win.


I’m not sure your logic is sound on that. In 3’s you have to kill the entire team, whereas solo shuffle you only have to kill one player per round.

So 3 kills vs. 6? So perhaps just double conquest which would fall in around 80-100 conquest.

I just want great vault & quest credit to actually be counting & being tracked, worried all my rated solo shuffle and other pvp has been for naught.

what’s the deal here, why is it taking so long to get any meaningful updates from blizzard customer support on this? at least an acknowledgement that this is an issue and they are looking into it would be helpful… i filed a ticket and instead of a meaningful response it was auto closed, but they made sure to request for a customer survey. :slight_smile: so, i filed another ticket but still no response…

on the beta you could spend all day trying to get 6 rounds done but someone always left to save rating. if its that bad on beta just wait until s1 starts

Please enact a bigger penalty for leaving Rated Solo Shuffle. Like disable the ability for people to leave or something instead. It is aggravating having to wait 8 minutes for a queue to play 3 games and then have someone quit. We get no rating or anything.

At least give us rating for the games we won in that amount of time.

I agree. Maybe not 290+ but at least not 156 ilvl which I had. Tank queued and had like 50k health. There’s the unrated version for a reason. Unfair to everyone else. Granted if the roation is right shouldn’t we all get 3 wins excluding him?

Played rated solo shuffle for the first time today. Two initial observations:

  1. Tangible leaver penalty needs to exist. Deserter debuff is not a penalty, it’s a cooldown.

  2. Wins are not counting toward the seasonal mount, which is 100% the reason I’m playing this mode (and WoW in general) during prepatch. Can this be looked into?

Not sure if this is different in the bracket you’re playing in (higher or lower than me), but when I play 2s or 3s, if we kill one player the rest of the team usually quits (forfeits) so they can requeue faster. Regardless, it’s not a proportionate amount of conquest for the time spent.