Rated Solo Shuffle Update

That’s a little much to start out at. Things happen.

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If they do not lose rating and can swap toons to avoid deserter, the same person who just trolled my match could potentially continuously harass me because they stay in my rating range regardless of if they leave and as others have pointed out, A 1 min deserter buff to save yourself from going 0-6? Who wouldn’t take that deal.


need more clarification than this if you want player trust this early. what if i get up 4-1 and someone whispers me “lizard squad on your forehead or i leave”? if leavers cancel rating changes this is a meaningful threat holding my earned gains hostage. but if they don’t, then what stops someone from coinflipping their first 3 rounds with the good healer against me, then just leaving before i get my turnaround? i’m stuck holding an 0-3 record that gets realized?

explain this better please


Lmao do not give people ideas. I can see it now, going 5-0, getting whispered take off all your gear for this round or I leave. Gonna be total nonsense.


i got that kind of whisper targeted at maxing honor gains from people in the unrated one. fixes to this system are there but this company does not have the credibility to earn an assumption they’ll come through. need communication

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To answer your question though, currently on beta no matter what round someone leaves everyone gets 0 and just gets booted out.

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This is good, but there also needs to be some sort of rating loss punishment for chronic leavers. The deserter debuff also needs to be account wide.


This. Actually insane to think a leaver wouldn’t get a heavy loss in cr.


If you leave a regular 3v3 match you do not get deserter but you lose rating and mmr. Solo Q is arena, why is this different? Your going to incentivize leaving to avoid losing rating. If I’m 2099 and about to go 2-4 or 0-6 there is absolutely every reason for me to leave that game and take the deserter to save my rating and keep close to getting duelist and every incentive to continue this until I’m in a winning game where at that MMR/CR another player will probably do the same to me. Please reconsider the punishment.


Sooo you are saying the way to climb in soloQ is to leave the match if you are losing?? gotcha! … sigh this post can be serious … after 10+ years asking for rated soloQ they are gonna ruin it before it even starts


unbelievable why solo q can’t get glad

solo q is 3v3


This will be by far the most played content in DF.

I just hope you guys nerf the ramping dampening!

Classes that rely on self healing to survive are going to feel really bad!

While classes that have bubbles/ice blocks/evasion ect will feel really good!


I mean the obvious reason for No glad in solo Q is simply some classes are way more versatile than others. Some class may only have 1 good 3v3 comp and it gets glad in regular 3v3 off that comp, but put that class in a rotation of solo q and it just gets dogged on. (See mage in solo q tourney)

If glad was in solo q you would have to balance all classes to be versatile enough to fit with everyone else to be as capable of reach 2400+ as others. And I don’t think you really wanna see a world where brewmaster monk is as versatile as say SL warrior.

Keep this discussion centered around leavers not getting hit with a cr loss as if they lost all 6 games. Anything else is just going to detract from this main issue.


If your about to go 2-4 you should be incentivized to stay because it’s less of a loss than leaving and getting hit with a full 0-6. Idk how devs have missed the logic there.


Lol so it’s a dead bracket straight away nice job!! You guys clearly have no idea just how prevalent leaving is.

hmm i’m 0-5 do I leave and get a 15/30/1hour timer or do i stay and lose 112 rating, tough choice!! Even with a 48hour lockout you still leave.

What does that even mean? I’m assuming what it currently means which is, MINIMAL = you are 5-0 sat in a 10min queue played for 10 more mins but someone left so ok you get nothing, but hey atleast you didn’t lose rating!!

This stuff better get changed.


in this same argument you have sl warrior, RMP, jungle, ripping a part every season without question as if there’s any semblance of balance, soloque is literally 3v3 where you have to adapt, rather than sit in LFG trudge through uhh players who only want to play whatever comp is said to be best with certain specs – forgot ret warrior x dominating every season too, what a joke, there is hardly any skill involved


agree. thats why we want soloq


I cannot think of a class that cannot get glad right now, but if you did a solo Q where the 4 dps are let’s say 2 rogues a mage and a warrior you think adapting is giving that warrior a good shot at beating 4 rounds of RMP as rogue/war? I’m not saying it’s perfect, glad has been nerfed a decent bit so I wouldn’t mind it in solo Q, but I understand the logic that’s being used.

I’m not saying a spec can’t get glad currently, the bar is low, I was excited for soloq as it is what most pvpers have been after for a while, you don’t see league of legends or valorant or csgo excluding rewards on their soloque compared to their 5v5 team que, soloq is you adapting to your situation, some situations are very hard won, if possible, just like fighting rmp on ladder, u usually just lose