Rated PvP Temporarily Closed to Cross-faction Groups

In order to address issues we’re seeing with cross-faction PvP, we’re in the process of disabling the ability for cross-faction groups to enter the rated PvP queue. This will require that we re-start all realms.

We’ve been working on these issues as a priority, but we expect that the fix is going to take more than a few hours for us to develop, test, and deploy.

We’ll let you know as soon as we’ve got a fix and are ready to re-enable rated cross-faction PvP play.



this is unfort

oof but in atleast 10 characters.

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Take your time blizz. As someone also develops code I know the most obvious implementation can be not so trivial sometimes.


Can we have cross faction in random battlegrounds so some can que up looking like alliance on horde and vice versa


How about a free for all battleground. No tanks and no healers. Rapid GCDs. Disable any Paladin like bubbles or they are very short.

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It’s neat that you’re disabling it to hopefully prevent people losing rating to a bug.

I think random enforced mercenary mode for both factions in random BGs would shake things up more than people think. Alliance has so many undergeared alts queueing (both its own and a bunch from Horde) and it would do a lot of good to spread the distribution around.

Are the games just not loading up or having connection problems? What was the initial issue? Just curious.

As usual, a bunch of cheating and exploits

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Small indie company


some details on the bugs


you guys just keep breaking the game :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’ve lost close to 40pts on my rating due to the bugs we were having in rated battle grounds in a cross faction group. This included not being able to move from the starting spot until the timer started (would allow you to move and then reset your position, or even allow you to mount) and the rezing not working that I had to run back to my body to rez.

It was unplayable. After some games, losing players got credit for wins.

We’ve had merc mode since wod, but apparently they started from scratch instead of building on that.

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Heck, disable all personals.

It doesn’t really make sense to have PVP in the game at all if we’re all supposed to be working together.

By all means just ban rated battlegrounds, nobody would care lmao.

Kind of a bummer. Haven’t really bothered to login with all the bugs 9.2.5 has been having.

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My brother is a programmer and he said it drives him crazy when people yell at programmers for something not working perfectly the first time. He says that in coding one tiny little thing can make the entire strand of coding go all spaghetti and it can be very hard to find the little gremlin hiding.

I’m in automated manufacturing and people always cry about how the machines always do something dumb and ask if the engineers even test it, the answer is yes they do… but something being tested for a short time in a controlled setting is different than how things work out in the real world when being used 24/7.