Don't Queue Cross-faction RBGs (yet)

I just queued into a battle for gilneas on the alliance side of the map with a cross faction group.

When we died we could not res in the GY.

The spirit healer was hostile to everyone, leaving you to just body res and hope the other team didn’t take your insignia.

At the end of the game, when everyone was dead, I decided to run to the other GY to see if I could res in the enemy team’s graveyard, and funnily enough I could.

Small indie dev
multidollar company


thats what traitors deserve


in a full alli v alli game, all the score on kotmogu went to the alliance team, so the team that got horde literally couldn’t win. I wonder if other maps will do the same when fighting non cross faction teams of the same faction.

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Cross faction RBGs completely broken right now.

dont get ressed at graveyards, cant take insignias, temple orbs give points to the wrong team, flag map flags can be taken by the other team etc

players also dont show on unitframes until matches start

have also been told of a team where they won a game and the other team had 2 players gain 20 rating "

Streamed several games here starting with this twin peakes were we get rubber banded at teh start of the map, cant change spec, can pick our own flag, cant res at our own graveyard, cant pick up the enemy flag, and cant run our flag to their base all in one game.

Later on we get a temple of kotmogu ( where we can not take any insignias as the enemy is ‘friendly’. The enemy team also appeared unable to res at the graveyards and had to body res.


I mean… Yes this sucks… but lets be honest… this is exactly what we should expect the first week after its implemented.

If anything… this is bringing me back to the glory days of wow when the game was good. Patch days were always a gamble on if servers would be up or not. and when they were, there was all kinds of weird $%!# going on. Some sucked, but some were fun.

Now we just need dead gnomes spelling out websites floating in the air. Even if they spell


Makes me wonder if they actually test things?


I did one arena last night. Qued with a couple hordies. After the arena and we went out, pretty sure they went back to the other faction because we were still grouped but we couldn’t talk to each other and they couldn’t que.

Cross faction definitely still has some kinks to work out. On the plus side I’ve never seen so many groups in group finder, it was actually nuts.


I think it has to do with a makeshift PvP development team with no experience in how PvP works in this game or any other, and no leadership but Ion.

Apply here.

I think they should be hiring a PvP director as well.

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add this broken system to the list of things not affecting pvp in the 51-59 bracket.

I gotta ask, are you trolling with this or do you genuinely just do bootleg pvp

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I would expect that they test changes thoroughly. One thing I began to ponder is how much the allowing of faction crossover affects systems that have been in place since the beginning. Portals, faction cities, how NPC’s react…these things have been baked into the game from the start, and the Dev team just missed a few areas. Even in “fixing” some things, it may break other things. (edited for typo)

leveling bgs aren’t bootleg pvp. if pvp was a motorcycle max level would be a harley road glide with all the accessories. probably has a real loud radio everyone hates to hear coming from a bike…
leveling pvp is more like a chopper stripped down to get its weight lower. no radio. probably no lights either.
both are harleys.

You’re going to the racetrack in a van. It’s a novelty, not competitive.

only if its a van race.

im sorry your new toy is broken.

LOL!! I used to love dropping train sets under those.

Brother, you know from being a regular on this forum that you’re the only one who cares about that.

Well, they really need a QA team to test this things before launch, this is totally something that they not even tested for sure.