Rated PvP Temporarily Closed to Cross-faction Groups


I was playing AV in merc mode, and the Commanders and Drek were friendly. I couldn’t help my team at all in that aspect. please fix.

Ay thanks for the context.

Was at work when I saw the blue post go out and was wondering what they managed to break.

Especially with the other weird bugs we’ve had this patch like Pandemic somehow breaking despite no actual changes to how DoTS/HoTS work.

In arenas, specifically I was doing 3v3 last night with some friends, there were some games where not all 3 of us would be in the same party on arena start. I’m Alliance and my other 2 friends are Horde. When we would enter the arena game, sometimes 1 or 2 of us wouldn’t be in the same “party” and we couldn’t even click the player frame. Was happening all night.

Oddly enough it affected my Horde friend more than me, I thought it would impact me since I’m 1 Ally with 2 Horde but I guess it’s just another weird bug that’s popping up.

You’ll never take my bubble!
gets hit with Shattering Throw
…Well, this is awkward.


I’m assuming they will just go under maintenance when they figure out the coding issues… but is there any updates on this? I couldn’t find anything anywhere, but just figured I’d ask here.

Guess my priest will have to bonk peeps on the head if I can’t heal. :open_mouth:

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Why is it still disabled?

the dream,

delete them all.

The bugs that caused it to be disabled haven’t all been fixed yet.

Any news on the fixes? I was hyped to play with my horde friends on Tuesday but the server was offline pretty much the entire day, then yesterday we could not play, and now the rated pvp is disabled for 20h+, I’m sad :frowning:

How about you test your game’s patches properly before releasing it, instead of having your customers test it for you? This game is full of bugs.

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Do they have a estimated time this will get fixed. I still cant que pvp as alliance.

Can you also put a pause to the rest of the busted stuff? Like… maybe just revert back to 9.2 until you can do this without breaking 75 other things?

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Any update here? It seems like none of the Cross Faction PvP related things worked right, was there no testing involved? What’s the deal? A lot of people spent money on faction changes since they are on sale just to now not even be able to play the game in PvP? This is unacceptable honestly… why offer this to people when it’s not even remotely ready???


You got some stuff on your nose there.

I agree with both sides - coding is a b*** but this was THEMAJOR feature of this patch, maybe should have put a little more focus into it but hey, what do we know on our end. What ISN’T good is no update, doesn’t have to be a big one just “Sorry folks still working on it” something. Comeon bliz, tale as old as WoW itself

I was going to start my own thread begging for an ETA of a fix, because this directly effects my RBGs planned for Saturday.

Since blizzard already started the thread, please, please respond to me: Will this fix be done by Saturday?


Ha ha ha.




No. See you in Dragonflight.


NGL, I was asking for that response. xD

So were they, by that logic.