Rate That Transmog!

I’ll awkwardly start I guess… rate the transmog of the person above you!

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8/10 Green is definitely my color. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m taking 2 points off for being Panda. :grimacing:

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Hmm. Not really feeling that this is wicker or loa enough. Still nifty-gritty at least.


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Love the name. Love the mog. Great theme here!

Honestly 10/10

7/10. Its too low res for my taste and you look more like a frost DK. It still looks great though.

10/10 Perfect for a Mag’har Orc.

This isn’t my usual mog but

Kinda has more actual Thor, from norse in some aspects feel to it. Like if it was designed by Studio Trigger.



10/10 You’re ready to be in a calendar hanging in a goblin garage!

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11/10 you are the quintessential Human Mage.

My weapon enchant is firey red. Just now noticing it shows blue in the armory. Shame…

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More like an elemental with an Orc face. Very well done! 9/10

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You look like a mage who retired adventuring and picked up gardening. :joy:
All things considered, it’s simple & sweet though :yum: - 7 / 10.

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Sin’dorei battle mage. I like the look. There are some items that dont match up, but you did well. I cant really say anything considering I just use a set but eh. 8/10

8/10 Love the look. Would have gotten a higher score if he had more color to it. Looks washed out (but that isn’t your fault but the fault of the artists).

nice the villain look 9.5/10

You are ready to purge a city 10/10…

You kinda look like Batman…if Batman really loved plants all of a sudden. Also has a giant scythe.

I like it!

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Frosted gnome. Maybe a different staff? 8/10

:dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean::dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean:

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I really like the style you got going hence mine is similar. I give it a 5/10 and I think if you tweak a few pieces you will look super epic!


Ooooh, red and gold is one of my favorite color combinations and I tried farming for a lot of that gear at the end of legion with my own demon hunter (but only managed the boots/gloves).

Not the biggest fan of all the spikes, but you make it work! 9/10

You look like an orc peon from Draenor. 8/10 zug zug :dog: