Rate that mog: Rogue Edition

8/10. I dig it

Oooooooohhhhh mah god. That’s slick. An emphatic 9.5/10 from me!

Dunno if it’s what you were going for, but it looks like a spooky troll phantom that haunts some forest. 8/10

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I dont really see a theme or pattern of any kind it all just seems random to me 3/10

Ohhhh you look like a Shadow Cultist! Well done! 10/10

Lol love that it switched to my priest

@Tedra 8/10 - I dig it

i tried to look like a rogue rogue

I really love your look. 10/10

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@Kerena 8/10 - thank you for your feedback, this is my assassination look. I like the eye patch and general feel of your mog, but the boots and weapons are kinda throwing me off.

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Hey I like that. Nice true fantasy rogue look imo. Nailed it. I was never a huge fan of the gaudy crap that looks like it walked out of a Mardi Gras or Fantasy Fest disco —9/10

Dont judge me on the daggers. Its what I stopped playing equipped with.

I really like it all except the helmet, which is obviously very druidlike. I’ve seen other Rogues going for that look too so I get that it’s a thing, seems it is a bit of a meme and a way of doing something different, kind of like the voodoo skirts you sometimes see. It isn’t my personal taste but you definitely stand out.

I think one of the bandit masks, cursed vision, bloodfang recolors, or even hidden helm would look outstanding with the rest of your look, if you ever decide to go for a more “serious” transmog.

My main account is not active but you can get a few looks at my mog at

imgur dot com/a/InGHOkw

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More of a lark than anything. I was gonna go with a Chefs hat, barmans and cookies tenderizer but blizzard screwed me on that idea.

I like the kinda metal looking concept. Looks like a combat rogue suit to me. Always been a fan of the green used in sets. I made a jungle looking set for my paladin once. Could never get a set with green in it for this guy. My favorite look ever may be one of the Ravenholdt guys
ptr.wowhead DOT COM /npc=8309/carlo-aurelius#screenshots:id=75507

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this is probably my fave mog, I have several good looking ones, but this is brutal looking

@Ryck looks like a bandit I would avoid. Nice set 9/10!

Like the Sunreaver look 9/10

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Muted yet captures the void look


I really like the colors you picked but those shoes look crazy. You’re very top heavy with tiny little feet! I would get shoes with a different graphic.


I feel you. I can’t find shoes that aren’t these that also aren’t too big.