Rate that mog: Rogue Edition

8/10 pretty standard I guess.

Hey, that’s not too bad, considering your level. You look like a farmer drawing his knives to defend his home! 9/10

@Duskslayer - I actually like it despite the monochrome tones.

New mog here! What do you guys think?

Be nice, I’m new at this…

@Smalltoch 7/10 the shoulders throw it off :frowning:

@ nephela. not sure if you’re going to stab me or give me a lap dance. 6/10

Sick mog m8 6/10

9/10 Really like that mog you got going as an Assassin Rogue.

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@devstrike Really nice mog! 10/10

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9/10 Really like your mog. I only wish the weapons had a yellow glow to match the eyes.


The boots :confused:

6/10 Gives me a cyberpunk feel and like the overall color scheme, although a slate blue or dark gray pair of shoulders with spikes on it would better match the overall look, I think.

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Purple is my favorite color and this is a good purple mog. 10/10

Just finished my mog. I am a pretty big fan of the Elder Scrolls series (the lore, not so much the games). I was going for a Redguard vibe, who are basically swordsman that come from the desert.

Edit: 8/10 for the person above me, love the boots in particular

Meh, looks ok. It’s showing memefury swords on your profile, but those boots are more ninja-y than red guard middle eastern-y. Then it’s just pants a belt and a shirt.


<——happy Halloween

I love your Halloween look. The weapons are perfect. Good job. 10/10

@Aubry eyes offset the purple glow nicely 10/10

@ Krenirel i like the color scheme and the whole like feel your goin for. 9/10

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I like the purple and black look but I think there are better offpieces out there u could get to match better. mainly the helmet. 7/10

I really dig it! The muted browns and spikes motif really puts me in mind of an Old Horde assassin circa the WC2 era. 9/10, only because something feels off about the overall appearance, but tbh that could just be down to the 2d armory view.

I like every thing but the weapons. Good job on your armor though. 8/10