Rate that mog: Rogue Edition

hi am banana

Very Nat Pagle-esk, pro-fisher woman. 7/10.

Off-hand is jacked on mine, Legion artifact mogs only work on main hands apparently…

It’s a set, so I say not too much creativity, but overall the items and weapons match. So I give you a 7/10

I like it, simple and works well except for the Daggers. I would try something like Sliver of Na’tha Vengeful Gladiator’s Mutilator, or Plundered Darkblade of the Old Gods. 9/10

@ Grit
A nice looking mog but for me the weapons don’t fit in. 8/10

Now for a blast from the past.

@Faiyde 6/10 at face value; 8/10 for the blast from the past.

Looks really good 9/10

Well, it isn’t… really. The boots, pants and gloves are a Legion dungeon set. Shoulders, chest and belt is the set you’re probably thinking of from Wrath. And of course the hat is just a crappy green :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Aubrey - 10/10, I like it a lot! Tiny yet threatening, and every piece matches (ya I know it’s mostly a set) including your weapons…and eyes!

Someone rate my sexy mog-less living corpse

That rogue set never gets old. 9/10.

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That is the kind of look I was thinking of when I first created my rogue. 9/10.

I like the simplicity of mine. Goes well with my latest PVP grinding.

7.5/10, I’d ditch the tabard it isn’t doing you any favors. You have a dark set with a giant blue and gold apron.

Except for the sword, you look like a Rogue from TBC. Not bad but not great either. I would at least find weapons that match that pvp set.


Simple dark look, and the daggers and eyepatch really accentuate the whole feel. Nicely done! 9/10

I like this a lot actually, only thing I would change are the swords. They are a bit too “bright” to match the rest imo. 8/10

Not bad mog tbh. Only thing I would change is the chest, looks a little out-of-place. Other than that, everything compliments each other! Smooth! 8.5/10

Looks very… professional (in a good way). 9/10

Interesting look and I like it but the shirt choice confuses me. You should go with something different or no shirt. 8/10

As for mine, I know it’s hard to tell on a gnome but I’m not wearing the complete Wrath set. The shoes, pants and gloves are from Legion :grin:

10/10 love that set and it looks good on a gnome!

8/10 the pants seem out of place but I love the “kicked-back” look.

@ gnali, casual drinking outfit.