Rate that mog: Rogue Edition

The emblem on your chest makes you look like Robin stole batman’s suit and started killing people:10/10.

I think the Clever Hat item is difficult to mog with matching items, so I say good effort. Could you mog the same appearance on both weapons? 9/10

@ Duskslayer 8/10, a good look but not all that creative.

This is my engineer mog.

Sigh, wrong toon.

Haha I like it
Those arms are ripped show off

@Dantrag - You can’t beat the Challenge mode set and weapons look good with it as well. I’m not partial to undead faces so you can cover that up :] 9/10

@carpathian 7/10 - the set is awesome, but the weapons don’t match it.

Yeah I cant seem to find ones that really look good with the set. Using the Celestial look simply because they finally dropped after farming forever.

Your set looks awesome, love every bit of it 10/10… also wish I had your gear :X

bone scythe is a boring mog, asmongold would say… sets arent what we look for. but diversity look for individual armor pieces and put things togeather that fit well. 6/10… you can do it!

I agree mostly. Transmog is one of those things where its to each his own. For my rogue i’d either wear bonescythe (mostly because it took a long time to get) or my challenge mode set. Most of my alts i enjoy wearing “look-a-like” sets from other classes. Not a lot of originality in anything i wear.
@Scythian - You found a way to make the Felblade set look even better. 10/10.

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Didnt like the daggers

You look like a Druid from Legion (their artifact was two daggers.) Not a fan. 4/10


Juggles daggers as Darkmoon Faire music plays

0.5/10 to be honest pretty terrible mog. Terrible character name too. Pretty much everything doesn’t work.

I can’t really find any redeemable qualities about that mog.

I changed it up, thoughts? Puffy sleeves are not my fav but the colors work i think?

Don’t skip people. It’s rude.

Solid mog. Looks good. 10/10

I like it. Very troll inspired. 9/10

9/10 smaller then most rogues but twice the ferocity

Nice Volatile :slight_smile:

Dark and obscure

My tmog is not complete, im missing shoulders and pehaps daggers, farming it

i like it, looks sneaky 9/10