Rate that mog: Rogue Edition

I love yellow and black mogs when they’re done right and yours is done right! 10/10

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9/10 I really like it, has that dark rouge look to it, the boots were the only thing, just not much a fan personally but it all works.

nope. her outfit all ties together, boots match the bracers and the shoulder’s secondary tone. she pulled it together. @ kerena 10/10
@ cryaisa you are did nothing, put on a bloodfang set, then didn’t mog weapons. sloppy. only reason you get a 4/10 is because bloodfang carried you.

Wow, ignorant much, I definitely said it was my personal opinion nothing more. but hey feel free to be a jerk all you like

Also the weapons are mogged, since their heirlooms. But hey, you obviously just enjoy insulting people for no reason lol. my mog is modeled after the Art of War: Blind machima made a long time ago.

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Hey guys, what do you think of my current mog? I am colorblind so not everything may match.

I apologize, I wasn’t trying to be rude

Ok let’s get this back on track, shall we?

This is my favorite WoW machima so I get your look. However, I would put on a black or dark red shirt and ditch the cape. 8/10

You need to rate the person above you. Skipping people is rude.

Have another 10/10 for such a cool mog.

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This is by far the best my Goblin Rogue has looked. IMO


Aubrey- 8/10 the hood looks really cute lol

Snotgrim - 8/10 fits a goblin really well

Zeerah – I feel like you could hide the shoulders to slim down the over-all look and pick less intrusive belt to capture the sleek rogue look.

katarie- I like it, ties together. 8/10

Ryck- I like the theme u got going on, but u look more like a warrior than rogue imo 7/10

I really like the combinations of the two sets. I would put on a shirt though. 8/10

@Aubrey 7/10. Decent if a bit overused.

@offworld, 9/10, I like the mog, you did well, I don’t like the boots, but it does help tie in the belt and the weapons a little

it is rogue gear. how does that make me look like a warrior?

Probably the metal blades sticking out everywhere? Its okay, The Shredder from TMNT was a ninja, which is a rogue.

Why is the rum always gone?

Anyways I went with a more normal pirate set with this guy, Mostly made out of lowbie items mashed together to fit but I think I got it to work.

Very nice Dewtt. If you wanted to go even more normal…maybe drop the glow of the weapons?

Ugh, we’re off track again. How hard is it to just rate the person above you?

Thank you for the rating but I’m not wearing the set. Besides the hat, my boots, legs and gloves are off pieces. They come from the Broken Shore dungeon.

Terrifying. 8/10

Pretty good. 8/10

I love it! You look great. Nice twist on that Cata set. 10/10

Awesome goblin mog. Good job. 10/10