Rate that mog: Rogue Edition

8/10. Nice mix.


Not a bad undead swashbuckler mog. Zandalar shoulders throw me off though, maybe the one shoulder leather one would go great :slight_smile:

<------Full set (minus the boots and belt, waiting on drops still). Just wanted to show off perfect daggers I found to go with the set


I dig the new set


its minimal and dark. i love it

Simple but thats the point. Looks like you should be starting bar fights down in Booty Bay. Oddly enough I like the name too, not sure why!

very outlaw looking. 9/10

I like the stealth-y approach. Gold on the gloves kinda throws it off a tad, also lack of a helm kinda throws it off just slightly to me 8/10

I like the set, but that tabard, chest and helm are not matching the scheme. Should maybe have gone with red weapons as well?


Solid 5 out of 10. The colour palette is all over the place on that mog. Leather looks real good on zandalari trolls though and weapon illusions might make the mog pop in game.

Not sure how brown and orange across the board is an off colour palette, also mogs don’t show on armoury, so odd comment.

I’ll rate yours a 6 due to green weapons are way too much of a contrast - low poly headpiece is a bit offputting + basically full set

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fair, I think green goes well with red mogs though.


Nice looking mog though I agree with the previous poster that the head scarf is too low res to look good with the rest of your gear.

Sigh, for some reason my profile isn’t showing both daggers the same. They both should be legendaries.

This is my fav mog held onto these pieces all this time was very happy when transmogs came out.


I like the helm with the glowing eyes, but the rest of it looks kinda too simple. But still looks effective!

I’m not really a fan of the techno-punk look but that doesn’t matter. If techno-punk is the look you’re going for I’ll drop and 8/10 on it.

@surprise 9/10 - Nice mog :smiley:

In a world of chunky glowing armor, you’ve gone with something a little more sleek and minimal. And it works for you. I’ll give it a 7.5/10.

It matches but not my cup of tea. 5/10

8/10 nice simple pirate mog. Looks good.

Id give that a 5/10 personally. All 5 points go to those daggers damn they looked so cool