Rate that mog: Rogue Edition

That’s a solid 9/10 man (-1 for almost full set), works incredibly well on undead. Tried it myself actually but looks a little scuffed on Zando. Well done!

Ngl 9/10 you look pretty badazz nice mog broski

@Blindsap, looks clunky and not a fan of the tabard. 6/10

6/10 i see a bubblebath is in your future.

I love the sword appearance. 8/10

@yathaes Remind me of a stormwind rogue class trainer. Nostalgia…

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very rogue-y. I am not a fan of the shoulders, but everything else is good 9/10.


Very simplistic, I like it! 8/10

To the person rating below, please be kind, ya can only do so much at lvl 18!

for being so low level, it’s actually pretty awesome!! 9/10

Love that set, everything looks great except for the belt. 9/10

Shllda 8/10 , my self never been a fan of the help on elves

Sorry Juarez, for some reason it keeps 404ing when I try to see your page. :worried:

6.5/10 my main thing is your blades throws off your entire color scheme.

Is it because there are two different ones? If so that is a glitch. I have two of the artifact daggers (the blue one).

I’ve been slowly working on that mog via BMAH. 10/10 just because I love that set and I rarely see it.

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My current Mog set. I’m enjoying the simplicity.

Reminds me of a monk a little bit from the Scarlet Monastary back in the old days. I likes it


8/10 for me , it may be almost a full set but Its one of my favourites.

10/10 I love it.

Simple, mismatched, original and it looks great. Extra Points for wielding broken glasses from a bar fight

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looks pretty good, not a fan of the boots but thats just me. 8/10