Ranking/pvp RP gains seems to be wrong. (SOM)

RIP AV marks :frowning:

Emergency fix incoming KEKW

and just like that the hardcore players all died

Where’s that apology?


They haven’t implemented anything yet. You could still be wrong…

Thanks for the reply, keen to see results.

The constant incompetence is impressive in a way.


This might honestly be the end of som for me. Easy ranking was one of the appeals. Let’s see how they respond.

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To be fair it was going to be accelerated but the same difficulty otherwise or atleast the same potential.

Kaivax Are you able to confirm if the changes for SOM are suppose to be a change in decay? or a change in Rank Points earned ?

Agreed why is it so hard for some clarification lol. Just clearly state the intended system. it should not be this hard to work out if the ranking is working properly or not.

From what they’ve said in previous blue posts the implication is both contribution points and decay are doubled. But yes I agree they could clarify things.

decay cant be doubled or you couldn’t finish in half the time. But yes I agree with everything else

Yeah it can and is, plug the following into an excel spreadsheet if you like.


And iterate that.

Hopefully you guys also back date the fix and not just “it will take affect next reset”.


i imagine it would not be difficult to back date it they have the data its just recalculating after the fix is implemented.

try using their formula they posted pre launch, it’s not half decay.

They could have changed their mind

very unlikely, it destroys the entire pvp system of classic.

Hopefully it remains this way. I was getting concerned that filthy casuals might steal my ranks.