Ranking/pvp RP gains seems to be wrong. (SOM)

Yup back to normie rank unlucky

I happily await to hear an apology from Frost, haha.

Keep waiting. Your system isn’t implemented. So “technically” wrong.

if was “double” rp id be like r10, if was half decay id be like r6 eighty something percent so idk

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who would have thought something not tested isn’t working right :open_mouth:

How do you test a 6 week ranking system in beta? They obviously just didn’t implement it.

They should let me do their coding. :wink:

They don’t need pretentious code.

AV rank and fraudulent honor system. rip


Imagine ranking right now when you get 1/2 the value. :rofl:

Is there a way to block posts from certain users on the WoW forums?


Click on your portrait > Preferences > Notifications > Users > Add > Put in the full name shown (incluing realm with the - ) > Pick a time frame > Add. Then the comments from them will show as ignored.


Awesome. Thanks a ton.



We’re investigating this. Not sure yet whether there’s a bug or something to hotfix, but we’ll let you know as soon as we get to the bottom of it.


Kaivax did you see my break down of the ranking system, the fix seems to be just to flick over the rate_factor.

is that why you just kicked everyone?

there 100% is something wrong with ranking, its EXACTLY the same as the old system

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got kicked aswell

Broke servers

thank you!