Ranking/pvp RP gains seems to be wrong. (SOM)

We’ll have to wait and see rp values then to decide.

Ofcourse I understand, I was the first to derive and demonstrate how the new system works (the new system being outlined in the blue posts). It is in fact you who is both assuming and uninformed on the matter.

Except you were wrong… They aren’t giving 2X RP and so you assume they screwed up when you are probably just wrong.

I couldn’t be wrong, blizzard have just made a mistake or enacted a different change. Because what I said, and the script they included in their blue posts are, wait for it, THE SAME THING.

10% decay also makes ranking 2X faster and is not what you said. It also aligns with current info.

So you could be wrong, and probably are.

Developers’ notes: Each week, the Honor system keeps track of players’ PvP participation, and at the end of the week, player-characters with at least 15 honorable kills are sorted by PvP participation. Once sorted, the system decides how many points to award that week, and the sorting is independent of the character’s current PvP rank. The system then awards a calculated number of expected points, and the calculation uses the character’s current PvP ranking points. This can be simplified to: (this_week’s_expected_points - current_ranking_points) * rate_factor. The result is then added to the character’s current_ranking_points, so each week, every player-character approaches their deserved rank. In Classic Era, the rate_factor (i.e. the percentage of the previous week’s expected points that will be awarded) is 20%. In Season of Mastery, we are increasing that rate to 40% to match the faster pace of content.

(x - 11902) * 40 = 22250 would be the formula where x is the expected points for me this week

10% decay also accomplishes this.

Yeah mate I probably am because… you feel like I am?

Ok so there seems to be some confusion around 2x faster ranking. This is true of the full grind to R14, but will not impact individual weekly rank increases in the same way. The increase will not be nearly as noticable (if at all) at lower ranks. The 10% decay bonus is trivial at lower ranks. Lets say R4 to R5 is 15% faster, but R13 to R14 is 200% faster (did no maths for this, it’s purely indicative). So overall your ranking will be 2x faster once you max out, but don’t expect to notice that at low RP.

I find it more likely you are wrong than they just didn’t implement the change. Yeah…

Exactly this. You won’t notice until higher ranks.

theres 20% decay still

Based on what? You can’t tell without exact RP values. The difference between 10% and 20% decay is small week 2.

standing 1 two weeks in a row netted 23.4k rp (rank 6 68%) instead of 24.7k (r 6 94%)

it is (13k * .8) + 13k, and it was not (13k * .9) + 13k

Would love a blue to confirm whether its half decay or double RP. Regardless of what was intended it’s not currently implemented…

Kinda doubting you are not trolling but if your numbers are true then yeah it’s 20%.

ill post my own details when it updates as well

we stacked at 550k

went from r4 51% to r6 60%, with high bracket 1 rp. it checks out with 20% decay