Ranking/pvp RP gains seems to be wrong. (SOM)

Would be good to get more data from standing 1 players but main goal from post is to get some info from blizzard. It could be accurate as you said and will be more noticable later.

Can you post your RP this week? So we can figure out the decay exactly?

It certainly does, hahaha embarrassing on your part.

Your formula is wrong KEKW.

It’s all laid out there, if you can’t wrap your head around it then that’s on you.

It’s the EXACT same thing as the contents of the blue post. There is no wiggle room here.

Can’t see it till tomorrow but 11902 - 20% = 9521.6
9521.6 + 11902 (this weeks rp estimate may be a litte higher) = 21423.6
rank 6 45% is roughly 22000 RP so seems to me like 20% decay is still in


THey aren’t giving 2x RP and never said they were though… So wrong…

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We need exact numbers because in case you don’t understand math the difference between 10% and 20% is only 10%.

You can’t estimate it lul.

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10% decay is in if you can figure out how to do math

The conclusion is, they either made a mistake and didn’t change it, or they didn’t change it as they outlined in the blue post. Stop squirming around like a rat.

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No you are assuming.

Data we currently have shows that 10% decay can also be correct.

10% decay also accomplishes 2X faster ranking.

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What am I assuming? They explicitly laid out everything needed to draw the conclusions I made. There is precisely zero assumption involved. If you can’t see that you haven’t read my posts.

You are assuming 2X RP which they aren’t doing.

You haven’t proven it isn’t 10% decay yet, which it looks like it is.


  • We have doubled the maximum amount of weekly ranking progress gained. Dedicated players who consistently finish each week at the top of their realm and faction’s rankings each week can expect to move through the ranks roughly twice as fast as was possible in Original World of Warcraft.

2 weeks in a row and my ranking progress is the exact same as it always was.


Yeah and 10% decay does that.

Are you guys slow or what?

10% decay is 2X faster than 20% decay.

No I haven’t, the fact that you wrote that down shows you comprehended zero of what I wrote. I wrote down EXACTLY what the blue post said, and equated that to the existing era system. Under the PRECISE scenario they defined it to be equivalent. The rest follows, hence no assumptions were made.

There is no difference between the max ranks for week 1 and week 2 regardless of if the decay is 20% or 10%.

If you would just post your exact RP we could solve the problem.

Right now you can’t tell if it is changed or not.

Like I have said 3 times now… You cannot see the RP until tomorrow… but please keep skim reading everyones posts and make your self look like an argumentative fool.


If decay is 40% then you must earn 2X RP per week to make it work out.

Do you understand what you wrote?

If it is 10% decay you can only be rank 6 this week.

The only difference is how far into rank 6 you are, durrrr.

So the decay could be 10% and ranking could currently be 2X faster. Saying it is wrong just proves you are dull.

2X faster ranking doesn’t mean you get twice the rank each week. It is not linear.