Raider.IO is hosting an Off-Meta Push Week Event Next Week

The folks here really like complaining about “the meta” and how overpowered Fire Mages, Balance Druids, Outlaw Rogues, and whatnot are in keys. Well, is hosting an event where your off-meta specs, like Frost Mage, Feral Druid, and Subtlety Rogue, can push keys for prizes like 60 days of game time, store mounts, and store pets:

I know very few people here are particularly interested in this, but I’m personally curious to see how good the off-meta specs really are when they aren’t living in the shadow of Fire/Balance/Outlaw/Shadow. I think Frost Mage/Ele Shaman/Fury Warrior are going to be DEMONIC in a format like this, even if this isn’t really an actual tournament or anything.



The people who tend to play off-meta aren’t generally the people who roll out the red carpet for raiderio. This will probably only attract the alts of meta players.


I didn’t choose my spec for the meta and according to strangers on the internet, it isn’t meta enough. Okay send me 60 days game time thanks :slight_smile:

I am, however, quite interested to see who’s doing a 26+ on tyrannical bolstering necrotic.

Unrelated, but why fury over arms?

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I feel like you should get a bonus for 3 mdps. I was looking up teams with arms warriors and I think these people can do it.

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Bust out the feral Druids everyone!


I feel attacked XD

But not really, feral isn’t bad in M+ just doesn’t bring the same level of utility as others.


A fun community event? Preposterous!


Loterys are against the Terms of service.
So good luck with that.

What kind of uninformed response is this?

This literally isn’t a lottery. This is quite literally “off-meta specs are tasked with pushing the highest keys.” There’s no luck involved there; it’s all player skill.

And do you really think an organization with as much of Blizzard’s goodwill as would put everything on the line by doing this without researching the ToS first?


I play a non meta spec and is not the problem.


Which would still show the casuals that every class and spec is valid

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The problem will always be human beings wanting the best edge, so they eliminate entire classes and specs from invites, and then the point system reflects that. Whether you point the finger at the human being or the point system isn’t especially important.


Fixed that for ya. It’s not casuals that are rejecting folks.

Seems a little silly to blame all your problems on elitists.


People actually think frost mages are bad? I can understand feral druids or survival hunters… but frost mages are like amazing


I love that they are doing this. Those epic Ferals and survivals.

its casuals who follow elitist trends that reject folks lol

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So you admit that elitists start the trends. Glad we’re on the same page.

Here’s your off-meta meta:

Destruction in particular is (arguably) stronger than Affliction in M+.

P.S. Bonus points because you get lust and brez with this comp.

A lottery implies doing nothing for something. This is not a lottery.