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If I don’t post on the discord once a week at least while I’m away at work I get Facebook messages of “you ok bro” but I guess they aren’t really my friends…

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Oh yeah? So the difficulty of m+ changed with patch updates?

I didn’t know that was the case, but I suppose you can point to the patch notes that prove it?

Oh, I think I misinterpreted what you mean. That with current gear, a +8 now is equivalent to a heroic with affixes would have been in season 1.

No. The difficulty has literally changed. As with heroic dungeons.

As gear has increased they upped the damage/health of dungeons.

For example, a +15 in 8.3 is on par with a +19 or +20 from 8.2

What am I missing in the 8.3 patch notes that would suggest this is the case?

Interesting! I see some mention in the 8.2 patch notes:

as you increase the Keystone level, the health and damage of enemy forces will increase faster than in Season 2

And some other references on reddit, youtube, etc. That’s good to know! Thank you for pointing it out :+1:

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Thanks for the links! I suppose it makes sense to do this, and also makes sense why someone might want a higher ilvl in a later season for the same number of M+.

Definitely, otherwise we’d be up to insane m+ numbers if ilvls scaled this much, and it would make it tougher to catch up.

As it is, you can get like 415 just from heroic dungeons. It gets you into the the mythic range people are participating in faster.

Else we’d have everyone spread across 30-40 m+ levels, rather than condensed to 15.

I knew you would come at me with this argument lol. Enjoy your dwindling player base as Blizzard doubles down on this Action RPG crap.

I think a lot of you completely forgot why so many people were attracted to this game in first place. It surely wasn’t it’s competitive content. Trying to shoehorn content like this has done nothing but divide the player base.

Doesn’t matter what anyone says here anyway because Blizzard never removes system like M+ once they are in the game. They will let leave systems like this in because they are so afraid to admit that maybe they made a mistake.

I will be interested to read their post mortem in several years as to what decisions and systems they added over the years that did finally kill the game.

I can assure you, the handful of players that actually enjoy systems like M+ compared to the overall player base is probably rather small.

I personally think M+ was not added to the game to extend dungeon content like you say it does. I honestly think it was added to try to create an e-sport out of WoW dungeons.

Na they can’t be. Some grumpy dude on the forums said so. They are probably just hoping you kark it do they can come round and get your irl loot drops lol.

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I like how you didn’t comment on it though.

I am extremely interested in what you feel a “casual” player is. And how m+ specifically doesn’t help casual players.

I am intrigued why you feel like content should only be made for the “casual” playerbase.

And once again, I am not surprised that you are adamantly against people enjoying WoW in a way you personally don’t.


Imo that was adding rng at the cost of deterministic outcomes. Loot damage etc. Everything really.

That and increasing the rewards to effort ratio.

Not my point. There are fake achievement addons so you cant use achievements as even a base bar. Ya, there are the idiots who get carried and suck at the game but when it comes to harder content, those people would usually be fewer in number.

Just another component of the Action RPG.

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But that doesn’t mean other things (like m+) are not immensely popular (which it is)

Can you provide evidence of this? Participation is not a good metric either. World Quests probably have a very high participation rate, doesn’t mean people like it.

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If you look at twitch at what people are streaming and choosing to watch it’s pretty obvious really.
There is interest around m+. Period.

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It’s not your IO score, it’s your ilvl: 362 ILVL
362 isn’t even good enough for Heroic, much less an M5.

You are the champion the world of +6 keys deserves.

Sound like a truly inspirational player you should apply to Limit.

For every player that worked his way up on the io score, theres a few lazy io haters who prefer to complain here instead of actually improving, just the usual mediocre player mentality.

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