Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

Well Blizzard has made it easy for me. I will now ignore it completely. Thanks.


Communities and guilds are two different things, that require two different approaches.


This is the most stupid dog crap I have seen in a while!

Do you really want to screw us now? Things don’t change. My trust in your competence for DF is even lower now!


Yes, create a guild at this point in the expac when so many have fallen apart. Then the season is very short, and it’s a different fated raid each week. So tell me how all these people are going to get geared and all that in time?

Just let it be a fun reward for everyone who is still playing this expac and maybe even bring some people back before DF as well.


Yeah, one boss friendship lockouts to the boss vs 30 raid bosses and only certain ones each raid week for a short season. It’s so comparable. I don’t know anymore…


Thanks for leaving over half your community out and boosting your WoW Token sales. I’m sure the sales department is going to be happy reporting this quarters earnings.


What an absolutely garbage decision. This was such an easy win, but Blizzard like always manages to screw up.

One boss was required for friendship bird/moose - which usually just involved you getting in that group and then immediately dying while others complete the fight to get the mount. That doesn’t work for multiple raids that equal thirty bosses, and since you can’t die your way to victory even if a community were to pop up to help people they wouldn’t be able to help as many people at a time and these are raids that aren’t even up all the time - so how exactly is that going to work? And those communities are already working on the crab mount.

I have tried to pug normal raids numerous times this expansion - it always ends in disaster, I (like many) play at weird times - so I usually either get groups that are oceanic which means I’m useless due to lag or I get groups that aren’t oceanic and they fall apart at the mention of a stiff breeze. So at some point I just gave up trying and decided that raiding wasn’t for me. Because of that, I have fallen behind gear wise - and while my gear would be fine for the next round of LFR it’s probably not gonna be super great for raids, and I’m sure there are others in the same situation. So now I’ve got to try to gather up some more gear, to try some more raids that will probably not be successful to get the mount that I wanted from an achievement that has read and still reads like you should be able to do it on LFR.

Amazing skills at moving those goalposts blizzard, just amazing.


This is the real reason Blizzard got rid of the dislike button.


Your opinion is your guild name.


And the real reason they added the WoW token and the boost selling channel. Disgusting.


When I came back to the game and saw people talking about the Slime Cat mount, I looked more into it. I thought “wow, what a nice lil gift to the community at the end of the expansion”. People voted on it, and then because they’re still playing now, they will get a nice little limited time fun mount that the community wanted. Great! It really restored some of my faith in Blizzard and their ability to listen to community feedback when I saw it, which is why I originally stopped playing the game.


omg you destroyed that man’s career :scream:


I’m really curious as to who makes this decision, some “rewards manager” or something. I’d really like to know their name to be honest. My guess, they raid themselves, so have no idea what it’s like being in somebody else’s shoes, and just decided, “meh, they don’t have to get the mount”, I’m slightly superior because I have my situation and raiding guild.


It’s such a tone deaf awful response. I wonder if he quit playing WoW in WoD?


When are you posting patch notes / what class & itemization tuning is coming?

You previously announced changes for destruction warlock then put it on pause. Has that been iterated on or is it remaining the same?

What are you doing with Survival hunters, you said you were going to reduce aoe throughput, how?

Are they getting the Guardian Druid or Blood DK treatment?

Are you addressing any other classes/specs? Eg: buffing classes that are underperforming?

Why re-tune S3 items that are no longer obtainable outside of M0 in S4? Is your intent to penalize existing players who spent the time to progress their characters so that there is a more level playing field for new/returning players?

This update says a lot but skips over all of the details that would allow players to actually prepare for what is coming on Tuesday.


This is unfortunate for those who are very busy and want to do it a few bosses at a time without having to sift through LFG for the bosses they need (especially because pugs will often fall apart), or people with social anxiety, etc. Friendship Moose worked because it was one boss, not an entire raid x3. Maybe we’ll see it but I don’t think it will be the same as it was before. I have time to pug normal or heroic so this doesn’t affect me personally, but this does suck for those that don’t. Plus, I think we all know that there will be many groups listed asking for AOTC from the applicable tier, even for normal for those that just want to blow through them quickly.

This feels like a strange decision to make while player subs seem a bit low. A cool, unique mount would be an incentive for people to come back and have LFR as an easy and relaxed option to get through it, especially if they are quite behind on gear or want to cruise through the content. There are A LOT of casual players who play this game but I think a lot of people forget about that because the people who are into the game enough to post comments on the forums are probably not your typical casual player.


If you know players need friendship carries, don’t you think maybe that’s a sign that it should be made available in LFR? Or you guys just hoping to make money on tokens?


The friendship moose was 1 boss, 1 time.

This is a lot more bosses spread out over many weeks. The same people aren’t gonna get in the same groups carried by the same people weekly, it’s not the same load of work.

I say this as an overgeared mythic raider, let the LFR crowd get the slime mount.

If you don’t like LFR rewarding the most mundane things then remove it from the game.


To be fair, Friendship Crab is happening. Which makes sense, because that’s what the groups do.

Friendship 31-boss carry groups are probably even more of a stretch than Reed Richards can handle.


It is laughable to consider this thing even similar.

Carries for some 30 bosses!