Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

Please reconsider this and allow the achievements to be earned through Raid Finder difficulty.


My decision on what to do when my game time runs out has become clearer.
That was my only real motivation to run LFR in S4 and you’re not adding anything for people not doing instanced content.


Oh, we can’t upgrade items from M0 anymore? That is a disappointing nerf.

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Yeah, it is the only logical explanation for the move.


In all honesty I’m about to guy buy about 20 tokens.

Is there any word on if there will be new pvp weapon/armor appearances? Would like a confirmation so I don’t have to spend a lot of time before next week trying to get all the appearances I haven’t collected yet if they’re going to just be the same next season.

These community movements, while great to see, should be made obsolete by better choices from the dev team.

Instead choices like these disappoint the already dwindling player base and feed into the cycle of boosting and gatekeeping which makes Blizzard more profit at the expense of goodwill. LFR is not just a stepping stone to normal raids, it has filled a niche for may players who do not have the time or the ability to clear an entire raid in one sitting or search endlessly for the one boss left that they may need because their group fell apart. Blizzards needs to recognize this and do the right thing.

As a community manager I would hope that your response to the overwhelming disapproval of this choice would be to tell the community that you will make sure the devs hear our voices at the very least.


I mean, friendship crab will be all free.

The people melting down could always use that energy to instead make friends and do a normal fated raid? idk just a thought lol.

I hate it when I have to play the game on a difficulty that requires me to have my monitor turned on or actually press a few buttons on my keyboard. This needs to be fixed ASAP so I can get the mount without these strict requirements. How can blizzard expect me to be able to do this content? I simply don’t have the time to do that, I have to roleplay in goldshire and work my 6 full time jobs to support my 20 kids and six ex-wives and simply cant fit raiding in. This isn’t fair.

This mount should be mailed to me right away along with 6 months game time to compensate me for this.

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You know how stuck up the community is now because of things like logs, parses,

You actually believe that ol’ “pick yourself up by the bootstraps” will work in this community?

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Possible it changes but it wouldnt matter. Anything non glad will be obtainable in the very least the moment dragonflight launches. And anything that requires rating will be permanently removed from vendors coming tuesday. As in the Elite set gets shredded (hence the “time limited” mark on the transmog window)

You’re completely missing the point, which is likely intentional.


Trust me, if it was easier to PUG raids or put together raids with my friends who work shift work, are disabled, have social anxiety, kids, etc, then I would be doing exactly that instead of arguing on the forums with people who apparently know the life, circumstances, and skill level of myself and all my friends better than I do and look down on me for wanting things to be more accessible in a Fun Time Dragon Wizard Video Game.


I’m really hoping that as a community manager they are right now today giving our feedback to the devs, because realistically they only have 1-2 working days (Friday and Monday) to undo this before next Tuesday.

Kinda feeling a little hopeless going off my experience with Blizzard in the past, please prove me wrong though! :pray:


Happy birthday Peppermint! I’m so sorry you’re having a bad day. I hope it gets better.

I really hope that they reconsider this stance. I was hoping to dip into LFR for the kitty mount, but I guess there’s no need now.


Low IQ shill response.

  • As others in this thread have mentioned, neither of these systems are intended to replace the primary method by which players acquire gear - having all of an expansion’s raids be at current item level is something entirely new to WoW, and will create both a lot of powerful combinations of items, as well as a lot of frustration at not receiving them. We wanted the Vendors to be targeted at the pieces of loot we’d already seen are most impactful to a player such as to create an intense negative reaction when situations arise like the post mentions. Many players feel if they can’t get an Edge of Night, they can’t play Rogue in 9.1/9.2. Rarely do players feel they can’t play because they are missing boots or bracers. Focusing in on these higher-tier items keeps these vendors special, and the system focused on that protection, rather than being an alternative/replacement gearing method (which it is not).

I really really hate this. I understand not wanting this to replace actually gearing up, although I do think bad luck protection should be a part of the loot system in general, and not just a special thing for S4. But we only get 3 tokens this season no matter what, so why can we not buy gear as well? It can be just as frustrating to farm for a piece of gear for weeks on end and not be any closer to getting it. It might not be as impactful, but it’s still an incredibly frustrating feeling that currently you are doing nothing to help

Do you think that would apply to weapons as well?