Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

Oh. Well. This is just terrible. As I can’t do above raid finder, thanks for nothing, I guess.

LOL Some birthday. So far, all I’ve gotten is this news and my cat barfing in my shoes.


At least that means they love you.


You have done well for months now Blizz with listening to the community feedback, This is a turning point. You should really rethink this decision and allow your player base to get this mount in Any Difficulty including LFR


This needs to change. It’s a terrible idea.

Seriously, after talking up how much Blizzard want to give more stuff for casuals going forward, then Blizzard makes this decision?

On top of this, the Friendship communities worked because it was just one boss. Not 30. Like, this is objectively bad. Y’all need to reconsider this. You are basically saying all your talk of how you plan on more content for casuals in DF is talk only.

I don’t even care about the mount. I’m a druid. The amount of times I actually use a mount is close to zero. I’ve literally just got the 300 mount challenge to kill time.

This is just bad form. Giving a carrot that is obviously there to keep people engaged by cutting out people who don’t want to raid normal or higher is not going to convince them to do normal or higher. It’s going to convince them to quit. And why would they come back in DF if you are already deciding to cut them out after saying you wouldnt.


This is so incredibly stupid it has to be a publicity stunt so they can get brownie points for “listening to feedback” when they change it back.




Just wanted to chime in and thank you for putting this post together. I had a lot of questions about S4 and this answered literally all of them!

Imagine being one of those casual players who earnestly voted for the slime cat mount in hopes that it would win the free mount contest, only for it to be gated behind something they might detest doing. Terrible idea. :pensive:


Well, what is the point in making LFR drop 265 as opposed to 278 then? Not that it matters much when most everyone except for new Joe Smoe that started yesterday will just buy the Vessel.

Well that took long enough. Any chance on a 1c or more sell price so I won’t have to keep typing “delete” at this point.

What about previous seasons? I always found it pretty silly that you could not socket a piece of gear that you previously could socket, purely because it is a “new season”. I remember when we used to play an expansion, not a “season”. It was a much better game experience back then.

Most amusing thing is that now the ability to “world tour” for a better chance of getting loot is now gone except for the two dungeons. Most people dont realize getting atleast 1 piece of loot per boss > getting 2 pieces max for the same (if not more) work so few will miss this. On the other hand, seems like the loot system from Final Fantasy was merely copied for raids, which is actually better. Sadly, Blizzard used to have the ability to take others stuff and “make it more awesome”, looks like that is still missing.

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This is extremely disappointing. Please reconsider and let it be available for LFR. Especially since it says ANY difficulty and you have to kill 30 bosses.


That’s a really bad decision.

Clearing three full raids is a much longer time commitment then a single moose run. Not only that, you usually had 10-12 months for a moose. If Dragonflight still releases this year, we’ve at most 4.5 months, or between 5 to 6 cycles for the raids. That’s little time.


I lead a very small 10ish man raiding guild, only 4 of which even plan on participating in S4 at all, and that’s just for KSM. Not one of us cares about reclearing content we’ve already spent hours on this xpack for gear that is the difference between replacing at lvl 64 vs lvl 67 for leveling content that will last 18-30 hours. I was happy that no difficulty was stated on the achievement because I thought I’ll just suck it up and deal with LFR for three weeks and be done. Now I’m considering not even bothering. The decisions that have been posted in the last 24 hours are mindboggling dumb and don’t give anywhere near enough incentive to play, in fact the opposite.


Very disappointing. I’ve been supporting the game for many years, buying the expansions, and my work schedule is such that I can’t raid. LFR is the only available situation I can find, because 99% of raiding is done when I work. I see ppl make the argument if you have time for LFR, you have time for normal. It’s not true. LFR you can que practically any time of the day and mostly get a group. You cannot do that in normal and up. So I pay for this product like everyone else, and am locked out because why? LFR players are putting in the time to beat the raid, if normal “Isn’t that much harder”, and is “casual”, well then what’s the difference if LFR gets it too. Very bad decision by I’m guessing somebody who doesn’t care about the ppl who play the games.


Even beyond just the mechanical difficulty of normal versus LFR, I feel like there’s something to be said for the social difficulty-- I don’t particularly want to run PUG groups because I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with them, but on the other hand, my friends and I are all in our 20s, 30s, and 40s these days. Making our schedules work, between kids, jobs of varying hours, and everything else going on is frankly a nightmare.

Not to mention that not terribly many of my friends are subbed right now, given that its a content lull, and I can’t imagine that this decision is going to make them flood back in.


The slime cat mount requirement is fine, normal is literally LFR but people need to work together rather than having almost half the raid afk joe and veronicas

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Is this where the devs want to hold their ground?

Ya know, since we’re on the subject, could be go back to the days when LFR tier set colors weren’t trash? LFR always get the muted, muddy colors. They don’t need to be the best colors, but make them look like the colors are coordinated. Mists of Pandaria has some of the best LFR color schemes, because you can tell that the artist didn’t just take normal and slide the Hue slider and saturation down.


This entire discussion wouldn’t exist had someone put “in normal difficulty or higher” within the requirements datamined back in April.


Just want to add that we have the following situations:
a) When players thought it will be obtainable in LFR, nobody objected, saying it’s bad, nobody was bothered by it.

b) Now that it’s confirmed to not be obtainable, plenty of players are objecting to this questionable decision.

Don’t wake up in the morning and chose war (option b) when everyone was satisfied with option a.
Again… please reconsider.


This isn’t the fanboy post Clark, go on to there. We know you will never think Blizz can do something wrong.


Gotta get them token sales for cat carries, huh, Blizz?