Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

Any chance on changing this? This is a real bummer to those of us who don’t have guilds for the runs. I know your text says for Season 4 which could mean it will still be available after but since we don’t know if it will, its just hard to try to either get into one of those groups, or pay (in gold) guilds to run people through for it.


why nothing on world quest loot? is it going to like 265? or are we going back to the dark ages where if you dont do end game content you’ll be 60+ ilvl lower than everyone else?


Cool, then people who can’t raid aside from LFR get screwed. Awesome Blizz.


I actually am working on building up a community like friendship Moose called SASS. (Slimecat Acquisition Super Squad) But I need help with organisers and so on.
For now, I don’t think Dreta minds me linking their discord for it here.


Leave it to Blizzard to airball a slam dunk opportunity like this.


Blizz is the king of self inflicted losses


wow, seriously?

just … wow

and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t run LFR.


Could you all reconsider? Did this kind of mentality increase the raid participation in WoD when LFR couldn’t get tier sets? Does the community need further division between LFR and other raid difficulty? Normal+ gets plenty of extra rewards, what’s one mount in the grand scheme of things?

I always bring this up, so sorry, but was Wildstar right in catering to the best of the best players? Where’s that MMO now?


I assumed all fun Fated things also applied to LFR, it would be nice if in the future these things were clearer up front.


They really need to reconsider the mount not being available in LFR. I would argue that the majority of WOW players are casual players. There are already TONS of unique opportunities and rewards for people who want a more hard core experience that myself will never see. Why continue to add to this list?

Is my $14.99 a month not as good as someone elses?


You know, I recall Friendship Moose having a decent amount of RMT going on behind the scenes with some of the group leaders. I think it ended up getting all that attention because they got a Blizzard feature or something.

Didn’t hear much about that from the other Friendship mount groups.

Not having this available to LFR is a bad move though.


It should be on LFR too and I don’t even touch that trash mode.


How can you expect an accessible friendship moose system when it’s 30-some bosses, not one?

Honestly, people who have less time, or simply cannot do the raids-- be it for a lack of skill, a lack of friends they can raid with, OR a myriad of accessibility reasons, shouldn’t have to lose out on this. It’d be one thing if it wasn’t time-limited, if you can’t do it now for any reason, you could outgear it and do it when it’s easier-- but this just punishes people who work long hours, people with kids, people who physically cannot do 30-some more difficult bosses with added, new affixes on them.

Making this accessible on LFR hurts no one. Making it exclusive shows a complete lack of understanding of the circumstances of a big chunk of your playerbase.


I was looking forward to getting the mount, but I don’t have time in my life to do raids outside of LFR.

Sad news and kinda makes me start to consider just waiting until Dragonflight to log in again. 30 bosses of raids is just too much of a commitment especially when its a rotating target.


I’m personally hoping that you remember your colleagues that the achievements that led to the Slime Cat Mount said “any difficulties”, and they were written like that on live for months. I’m also hoping that they realize that changing this right now is a bone-headed decision and they should reconsider - preferably going back to what was established: Slime Cat is available on all Raiding difficulties.

Adding more: This is such an ugly combo. It’s a time-limited mount, where you have to do 30 bosses, and the raids are only available one week of three. You’ll also need to get Season 4 gear to tackle the content since the difficulty will increase. Peak FOMO. As an Heroic raider, I have to say that the rest of the playerbase is being prejudiced in this.


Exactly, friendship moose and such was 1 boss, this being 30 bosses is too much for those types of groups.


Feel you. My 6 month ends next month. Debating on just cancelling it until DF.


I know, right? What a nonsense comment comparing a 30 boss achievement to killing 1 boss. Does Kaivax even play his own game?


Fate of Nathria
Defeat the following bosses on any difficulty while Nathria is a Fated raid.

I’m sorry, what?


The only thing thats stopping me unsubbing is that guarantees i wont get access to the beta.

But they added nothing outside of raids and dungeons for people to do until dragonflight.

And then the one thing that non raiders could have participated in… they screw us out of.

I really dont understand what on earth made them think this was a good idea.