Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

The majority of the playerbase does group content like dungeons & raids. We know from datamining sites that 40% of the playerbase routinely gets AOTC. Add the folks who do Normal (or some Heroic but don’t clear Heroic) and you’re likely over half the playerbase already. And that’s not even counting the folks who only do M+.

The notion that most of WoW’s playerbase never does anything unless they can queue for it is a myth that has been disproven by hard data over and over again.


Would have been nice to make Soul Ash and Soul Cinders interchangeable for S4.

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But isn’t the population a guess cause you can’t get the full picture?

Really does seem like a weird decision that the legendary slot will be a lower ilvl. Seems like some kind of simple “upgrade the legendary’s ilvl for cosmic flux” should have been inserted in.

Not like you have to re-work the entire system, you could literally just have a repeatable quest NPC who says “hand me your Rank 7 legendary and X amount of cosmic flux and I’ll give you back a higher ilvl version of the legendary.” Or you could do something more elegant or fancy.

Just weird to approach the legendary slots as the lowest ilvls.


Blizzard I hope you reconsider the decision not to allow legendary upgrades to season 4 item levels.

As others have pointed out, this is going to cause a lot of headaches for players who feel they need to recraft them in low stat budget slots, or to abandon lower impact legendaries altogether. Even for players who opt not to change anything, it will feel bad to have 2 lower item level pieces of gear.

Please consider either globally bumping up the item level of max rank legendaries, or giving us a vendor purchased item to upgrade them.


So let me get this right, I can buy a Normal raid quality piece of raid loot with a dinar if I run LFR in full every week after a 3 weeks, and then 3 by maybe week 5? I mean sounds nice to me unless I misunderstood.

And ty for the token to upgrade conduits to 278 without restriction!

Also thanks for making the relics boa as well, and the shards to upgrade base items is a cool idea as well!


either way you would be recrafting them in their current slots or a lower stat budget item slot.

I hope blizzard would just let legendary stay as is and just forget that system entirely and just move on and focus on ordinary gear where people earn the gear and stuff.

I hope season 4 is a prelude to Dragonflight and starting incrementally move away from shadowlands systems and stuff. And I don’t care if the whole forums comes down on my take but do realize I am doing you all a favor in terms of giving a good suggestion to blizzard.

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Are there actually no updates planned for open world content rewards?

Is the “A New Deal” quest going to actually be removed without a Season 4 replacement?

Many open world, solo, and casual players have stayed loyal to the game despite all the nerfs we experienced to our power levels this expansion, especially in 9.2.

Leaving such a large demographic of your playerbase out of a season like this would be akin to telling them to GET OUT.
So I hope that the patch notes or other communications mention some kind of update or improvement for US.
Because if you leave us out of the last few months of an expansion like this, we will have to finally say NOPE.


Why do people think casuals are only open world players when in actuality

Casuals does (dungeons, LFR, normal raid and random pvp) and some do open world but let me tell you Zereth Mortis is supposed to be open world 1.0 and Dragon isle will be open world 2.0 (an improved version of Zereth Mortis)

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I’m curious about BoE’s. Will those drop at fated ilvl as well or will they still drop at the raid’s non-fated item level?


Please, I know this season is a throw away/testing ground but its going to be awful to have our lowest ilevel piece be our legendaries, just give us some quick,easy & cheap way to upgrade it via flux or gold or something.

Especially with main stat rings having our legendaries be 291 on a ring is going to feel really crummy.


Do you know what would be a great replacement for Ducats, the Box of Disappointment, Valor, Cypher Gear, Cosmic FLux, Torghast BS and Sandworn crap?

Just bring back Badge Gear, and let us spend more badges to improve it.
You have the technology.

You don’t NEED to prop up bad systems with new bad systems, a dozen currencies, and bag clogging nonsense.
You just need 1 thing that works and keeps all of an expansions content relevant.

Realistically though, I can’t wait to see what the fixes you’ll put in for the Gul Ducat system will be, as well as the fixes for those fixes, and how you’ll buff it when people opt to not participate with it.


Just completely out of touch from the PvP community it’s unreal. Not a word on PVP and the one reference towards it is wrong stating duelist for max conduits. RIP

It’s a temporary season why are you so offended about one item lol blizz always treats legendaries this way even if there’s stronger stuff.

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I don’t think open world gamers are playing enough hours to justify content? Plus what power would you even need?

It’s just a season to test some new features that they want to use in the future. This isn’t meant to be a major content patch. Just a temporary replacement to a major drought that usually happens at xpac end

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From what I’ve seen, almost everyone agrees that gear should be character specific. So then why should a currency that exists purely to purchase gear be account wide in the season it’s current?

Not upgrading is a ok in my book. I dont want to drip more gold for a limited season.

Leggo design was terrible this xpac. You want the ability more than the states and leggos are what heroic ilvl equivalent?

Could do a currency upgrade sure, but not touching then is fine

The only thing I really wish Blizzard would add to this is fast-tracking the secondary reputations - The Avowed, The Court of Night, etc.

While Court of Night had an average grind, The Avowed is, frankly, a slow, miserable slog I thought Blizzard had learned long ago has no enticement. Since none of the awards from the Avowed have any real efficacy at the end of the expansion, no one is “hurt” if Blizzard just offers a decent catch-up mechanism outside of the DMF buff. At the very least, having reached Exalted with Harvesters should have given us a significant buff, but also Avowed rep should drop in Nathria - especially given it was the Avowed who rebelled against Denathrius, so would have the most invested in those who dismantled Deathrius’ power base. But at this point, I would use my currency to buy rep tokens, just to get this done.

I would also change the sinstone mechanics and allow us to buy specific sin stones. This RNG thing is not fun (and I only need one to complete the set).

There are those of us who actually enjoy using end of expansion to wrap up any tidbits we didn’t have time to do in the thick of the expansion. And while it’s nice to give people who only know one lane of gameplay enticing content, please don’t forget about those of us who understand that an MMORPG is an “amusement park” of activities, and like to ride the Tea Cup just as much as the Mega-coaster, just to mix things up.


Please do this!