Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

tbh, after the BS numbers SV was doing, Hunters need knocked down several pegs.

get rekt, nobody cares

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I need you to go back and ACTUALLY READ the post you replied to. I literally addressed EXACTLY THIS.

NEW RANK → Bought with Cosmic Flux

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What’s going to happen with the Relics in Kara, are we getting weapons, or just a few fewer items in the pools? (I might have missed the answer here).

For which you would need a new shell, unless you were planning to rework the whole thing for a mini addon patch. No, the proposed plan is perfect.

:sparkles: Item from Vendor purchased for… COSMIC FLUX :sparkles:

You’ve clearly spent the same amount of time thinking about the implications of these legendary decisions as you did reading my original post.

  1. Are any kind of reputation catch-up planned? (Like for the Zereth Mortis reputation?)

  2. Is the new PvP Season gear going to look like Season 3 gear? What about the Elite recolors and enchant visual?

  3. How are the appearences from transforming an item to a Tier Pieces going to work with the overall ilvl increase? (Before, a piece would have the Mythic Raid tint if its ilvl was 278 or higher)


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Lmao this was funny


Yeah, it will create lots of problems.

They could just increase the ilvl of newly crafted Rank 7 pieces.

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I’ll keep bringing it up until Dragonflight, to be frank.

I won’t just let them tell hunters we shouldn’t play during Season 4 if we didn’t get lucky unlike the other 34 specs, lol.


If the intention of this was to save players money/headache from recrafting legendaries for another patch then this fails at doing so. This will probably force players to recraft their legendaries on their worst slot now to make up for the stat weights.

Why not just add something purchasable with cosmic flux to upgrade the ilvl?


You can also just not recraft. The difference is whatever unless you plan on doing 0.1% content.

So my understanding was this had Fated LFR too. I just clicked someones link for wowhead on the rewards and I see no LFR reward? Is that what is happening? I thought the slime cat mount was for LFR… not for normal.

Or am I misunderstanding and Fated is only for normal, herioc and mythic.

Having max ilvl legendaries being lower ilvl than fully upgraded valor gear is gonna feel weird.


LFR is Fated. As are World Bosses. Wowhead only has 1 entry for any piece of gear/etc now. Because that’s how it is in-game, an ilvl modifier is added.


If you think people won’t spend more gold on Legendaries because it remains 291, then you are totally wrong: Mythic+ and Raid players will change double Leggos from their Best Slot to Worst Slot, spending another 50k gold on them. In addition, equipping the most powerful armors on your worst slot is 100% going against logic. Thus, I really don’t understand the reason to not have a 317 Legendary for people to chase.


There is no way a regular item is going to beat a legendary effect. Unless your item is trash.

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I mean for a lot of classes the legendary effect isn’t particularly amazing and a higher item level piece will end up being superior; example, Holy Priest. While Unity is decent for M+ content, I don’t even raid any more and I can tell you it’s pretty much worthless for raid content. If you can get a higher ilvl piece, you’d drop the second legendary entirely for the raw stats in a heartbeat.

Without an upgraded item level, there’s really not a point in a Holy Priest wearing the belt at all.


Please more of this developers please I beg you guys at blizzard please make sure dragonflight doesn’t make the same mistake like in shadowlands and I hope everything will be accountwide except for gear but everything else has to be.

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A lot of us have 2nd legendaries that are trash. That was one of the biggest complaints about the Unity legendaries in the first place.

When the covenant-specific legendaries were added in season 2, it wasn’t a big deal if yours was garbage. Wasted opportunity, but whatever, since we could only have 1 legendary in the first place and everybody had a good legendary somewhere.

But once the covenant-specific legendaries from season 2 became a freebie in season 3? That massive disparity was suddenly a big problem. A problem that was never addressed.


Thank you for clarifying.

So I am in the bracket of majority of players which is casuals. I don’t any type of incentive to come participate in this season along with them. Since the majority of players are casuals they are likely they only participate in LFR. Which the people that create this game are already aware of this. No way they wouldn’t. I understand the priorities.

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