Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

Strange choice but ultimate way better than having to upgrade legendaries AGAIN. I’d prefer if they just kinda increased ilvl, It’s going to be our lowest ilvl piece now which seems like a bit of a miss. People will need to recraft it to their worst slot I suppsoe.

Thank god.

Great news!


This is a great decision.



Damn this owns.

What a great post, Great work Scariizard.


thanks for the post, you’re doing the CM’s great work!

So our legendaries will now be lower ilvl than the gear we will be looting?


Excellent post, only point I can bring up are peoples concern about when we reach the all raids being fated segment of season 4. Like I know people won’t be happy being told on a Thursday afternoon (likely during a fated sepulcher week) that come next reset all raids are going fated. Of course realistically by that point we will very likely know prepatch dates. So it just comes to be point that if the final time left in the season is not a clean “3 weeks aka 1 fated cycle” then that would likely be the designated all raids being fated period.

So how will raid scaling work? I assume there will be a scaling of legacy raids to account for the increased item level drops, but what exactly is the expectation here?

Are we expecting the same speed of progression of guilds as you expect on a completely new tier, sans dealing with raid mechanics that are already understood?

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I can totally foresee a situation where a class could drop their second legendary for a hps/dps boost once their gear starts getting better. That seems like quite the strange situation.

Holy priest could almost 100% drop unity in this situation and maybe even Holy Paladin.


Would it be possible to hotfix legendaries to an increased item level?


This is what I most want to know, and it wasn’t addressed in the topic.

Surely there aren’t any 3 week long prog bosses this time around… right?


Specs like holy priest will likely take off unity because gaining ilvl is better than the covenant legendary.

You need to provide a way to increase the ilvl of legendaries.


Dude I love you, those were all my questions. Thanks for your hard work!

Will you also perform the tuning corresponding to the target classes currently? in both PvE and PvP?

I appreciate the news about Season 4 Finally. I do have concerns about Legendary Gear going forward… To me, I feel the Leggos themselves should Auto upgrade or have a Vendor item to purchase to auto upgrade them in the New Season to a Higher item lvl. It doesnt seem right that Leggos are Inferior to Gear drops in the new Season. This Reason will cause alot of Players to “recraft Leggos” to Slots that wont be impactful to Loss of Stats and Ilvl gains. Please introduce some Kind of Auto upgrade for Players that have ilvl291 leggos or again a Vendor item we can purchase.


This change should have happened week 2 or 3 of Season 3. Consider this when moving into Dragonflight for similar systems.


So, this is basically the WORST possible way that legendaries could be handled for this season. This is going to force recrafting of legendaries for a lot of people, and likely some specs won’t even bother running two.

Either bump the item level for each rank, give us a third legendary, or let us get rank 8 legendary upgrades with Cosmic Flux. What we’re going to see, as of right now, is actively terrible.


I’m sad. I wanted to make my speed set even stronger. :frowning:

C’mon, pleeeeease add a Crafter’s Mark V? I just want to go F A S T, man…

EDIT: Or just make 262 crafted ilevel pieces not unique equipped anymore?


Will we still be able to convert Season 3 items we have in our bags at the Creation Catalyst or will there be a restriction to only Season 4 items?

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If all conduits are purchasable for 500g, and now you can upgrade them all to 278 with flux, why not just remove them from the loot pools entirely?


If we fill our vault this week, which would typically give us 6 tokens on reset - what will happen for this first week? Will we get 6 of the new tokens? Or 6 of the old that instantly become gold? Or straight gold? Or nothing at all?

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The alternative would just make people have to buy yet another rank. Introducing massive costs yet again. Legendaries are well worth it even with a vastly lower item level because of the nature of what they do. They don’t need a bump to stay relevant. All the required materials for recrafting are already out there and scarcity has already run its course. Buy your new shells now (I would suggest the WEAKEST slot for the effects you want) for the 10-20k that they cost and be done with it.

This. Defeats. The. Entire. Purpose. Of. The. Vendor.

By your own account, the vendor is bad luck protection for people who can’t get their BiS to drop.

You even use the Rogue Dagger as an example, which is OBJECTIVELY a bigger dps increase than Rae’shalare. An LFR Rogue Dagger is a bigger increase in dps than a heroic (And I believe mythic as well) non-sylvanas dagger, to give you an idea. Meanwhile, Rae’shalare is outclassed by any higher tier non-legendary. (normal Rae is outclassed by a heroic bow of any kind, etc.)

So… screw you to the hunters who didn’t get it I guess?

Which is fine and dandy, but a 50% increase of a 0.1% drop is still under 1%. Just sayin. On top of that, Rae’shalare can’t drop in LFR, whereas Edge of Night can. Are you adding Rae’shalare to the LFR loot pool so raiders have one more opportunity a week to get it?

On top of this, this effectively forces raids to raid Sancum in addition to Nathria/Sepulcher on weeks it isn’t fated in order to try to get their hunters the bow.

Again, Completely contrary to the entire BLP system you added.

Are you seriously just going to be this blatantly anti-hunter in season 4?

Fix this.

Either remove the upgrade token from the vendor and not allow Sylvanas to drop it at a Fated ilvl - effectively making it so our BiS isn’t a legendary again (as Rae would only be available at 9.1 ilvls, so useless to wear now) - or add Rae’shalare directly to the vendor, and/or LFR drops.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a “Legendary” - we are literally crafting legendaries this expansion. Rae’shalare is by far the weakest Legendary we’ve ever had. The Edge of Night is more of a Legendary than Rae’shalare. Making it available on the vendor hurts no one.