Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

As the Fated affix is active in LFR, will this quest be doable in LFR as well? (Giving access to 3 weapons/trinkets of normal quality to LFR players hardly will break the game when Timewalking chests can already do that).

I know this is meant as bad luck protection, so the primary source will still be getting the weapon/trinkets from the bosses or the Great Vault - but what about classes like Paladin?

They’ll need a 2h sword, a Str 1h, an Int 1h, a Shield, and then trinkets for 3 specs.

3 seems unfair to them, compared to say, hunter, that needs a ranged weapon, a 2h weapon, and trinkets that are shared between specs.

And on that note, will Sylvana’s Legendary Bow be available via this vendor, or will hunters just be forced to grind Sylvanas every 3 weeks and hope it drops? Or is the bow not being updated for the affix?


I agree with this.
To add something:
I have several alts that I want to play because the gear looks cool and I like the playstyle. I can’t though, because the gear is designed to take a long time to even fully gear one character. By “fully” I just mean gear that looks and feels good. Could be LFR or normal or whatever, for me. I’m not chasing BIS.

That’s fair, even thought it’s how mythic+ and PvP have always worked every single season. It’s new to raids in season 4.

I think though they know 1 year content droughts (Wrath, MoP, WoD, likely SL) suck and are just trying to spice things up without having to divert the main pipeline which is art assets that are working on DF.

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i mean they already said it will be 6 weeks, so no way they are going to now make it LONGER.
Also hey the dagger drops, cool, now you can buy something else with your coin instead of the dagger.

Gonna get slammed for my opinion, but honestly, with the creation catalyst plus the vault, this is probably a completely fine loot acquisition method and I look forward to using it as a gap filler. Without something like the creation catalyst to help convert loot to tier I think 3 is probably a bit on the low side, but with it I fail to see how this is a bad thing. I think there’s some value in not having your gearing be immediate. Entirely deterministic could work and I probably wouldn’t complain, but I honestly won’t really complain about a drop system with bad luck protections either. Both seem perfectly fine to me.

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It’ll be in season 4, so all raids will be both old and current (but only the Fated one is current).

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So, basically, with these shards we’ll be able to upgrade raid gear in an equivalent system as upgrading M+ gear with valor. I really think this is great and fair! Awesome idea!

What if each npc had gear for one spec and instead of being limited to three overall, we can get X per spec? Number would need to be balanced so classes with less or more than 3 specs work fine.

anyone else might as well just quit I guess not that I think this is a good system anyway - if I was raiding I would rather quit than do this grind.


I had to read this multiple times and ask around to really wrap my head around it and its still kinda unclear.

Simplify this for us dumb people who don’t want to work just to figure out ur system lol.

make it simple for dumb people like me. break it down to make it easily digestible. This wall of text… just nope. lol

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Will Shards of Domination work in Sanctum during season 4? Is that an issue for people who deleted them/ don’t have them upgraded to rank 5?

There is also discrepancy in leggo slots, some specs are able to use double leggo and 4 piece and a 3 set of shards in the same gearset and some specs are unable to fit all of that with slot overlaps.

you have to kill a lot of bosses each week

Make it a universal currency. Make the token amount 5.
Allow us to use currency to get drops from M+Vendors.
currently this system only helps raiders. Does nothing for casuals in the open world or Mythic plus players.

Please do something for open world players.


Yeh, and I get that. The problem comes more from the fact that I have never been a Mythic + or a PvP player. PvP because that’s not my thing, and Mythic + entirely because I found it too repetitive and boring. Gear itself isn’t really a carrot for me, so eh.

Doing a season of that with raids isn’t really spicing it up for me, as it honestly feels no different than the rest of the expansion. What I am actually looking forward to, and the things that seem fun to me, are likely over a year away.

It’s compounded by the fact that WoW doesn’t really have many non battle things to do for fun. Though that’s fine, that’s not the type of game it is, no matter how much I would love something like housing. It’s further stressed by WoW’s astonishingly terrible patch cadence though. Basically, for someone who was already bored of all these raids, and to who gear has no real appeal, the wait to Dragonflight is just gonna feel awful. :frowning:

  1. Kill raid bosses, get 3 coins to buy 3 items total off the raid loot tables.

  2. Kill heroic bosses to upgrade normal gear to heroic.

  3. Kill mythic bosses to upgrade normal or heroic gear to mythic

No issues with feeling like that. I would probably just take a break and play other games.

There is no need to devote a bunch of time to a game that you’re not having fun with at the moment.

Yoshi P would encourage your break (unless you own a house lol)


which you’d be doing anyway if you’re raiding? Raiding to get tokens for raid gear isn’t a bad thing lol.

They even specifically set it out so that it works on the first kill on any difficulty, and everyone has access to the same ilvl of gear with it. You can’t get 2 coins for killing the same boss twice in normal and then heroic. If you want to upgrade it to heroic after you get it from the vendor, you simply have to raid in heroic, that’s it.

There’s nothing special, nothing deeper. You raid to get raid gear except now you have a second way to get it instead of only hoping for drops or having your friend pass it to you.


Kill 30 fated raid bosses, get a coin to buy a Normal Raid Quality weapon/trinket from any of the 3 raids. Kill another 20 for another coin. Then another 10 for another coin.

Those are all the coins you’ll get.

The raid that is fated will rotate each week.

If you kill bosses in heroic/mythic, you’ll also get slivers of an upgrade item that when you gather 20, you can use to create an item to upgrade a normal quality raid piece to that difficulty’s ilvl.

I just don’t think 6 weeks is a terribly long time to get exactly the thing I want, especially if I’ll only have two chances of looting that specific thing in that time. This whole Fated raid thing is a new cadence and two full rotations of it don’t seem that wild to wait for the items I want to get.

As far as the item dropping between boss 30 and 60, I agree, there’s definitely going to be friction there and it could very well suck to loot an item I just bought. I think the math of the reality, however, will be that it’ll be fairly rare to happen. Again, getting a drop from a specific boss in a 3 week window isn’t something that a common player is going to run into. If I was in some kind of RWF split scenario? Different story, but that’s not really applicable to most of us reading these forums.

That’s not how that works.

You buy the dagger, and then it drops.

This is the way.


I have spoken.


Week 3 is the earliest for the first one. Week 6 is for the last one.

6 weeks is not a long time for 3 guaranteed weapon/trinkets of your choosing.