Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

I don’t see how this is much different from now. You could get the dagger in your vault and then have it drop the following day. You could spend valor or upgrading then get it from your vault on tuesday. I fail to see how the fact that loot has more outlets to drop from and thus you may see repeats is a bad thing.

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well you are sort of talking to the wrong person - I don’t raid and this system just doesn’t appeal to me even if I did. I liked the gearing system in legion and bfa - RNG is better than a job.

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Heh, that’s mostly what I do at this point. Raid log in WoW and play the patches in FF14 and GW2. Still working on the house. :stuck_out_tongue:

Super excited for Dragonflight though. While there is always the chance they will Blizz it up, I love the new race/class, talent trees, crafting improvements, and GW2 style mounts.

And look, I don’t begrudge the people who enjoy seasons like this. I am glad for that this genuinely makes them happy, I just kinda wish there was something fun to do for those of us who are not gear orientated, or don’t really care to run a raid another 20 or so times just because it has a higher difficulty and some random mechanics thrown in. :frowning:


If I do keys, odds are very good I’ll have a heroic ilvl weapon well before I can get 30/20/10 raid bosses in, even assuming the raid is tuned to be “easier” than a normal tier. Then it takes 2 weeks of full clears to upgrade a single item.

The grind is just too long, especially if you think about alts at all. Cut all the numbers in half and maybe I’ll find a drive to consider raiding.


You would rather quit raiding… then raid? im confused, these are literally given to you for free for just… raiding?
so why would raiders quit for having to “grind” raiding?

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This is why I want to know if LFR counts.

The Fated Affix is active in LFR, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t. But knowing Blizzard, I’m worried. Lol.


do the raid, get tokens, spend these token on gear, you also get items from clearing the raid that let you upgrade your gear.

So all i read was raider this, raider that. What are you going to do with the creation catalyst? What are you going to do with ZM? Challenge mode rares? Something? Because if you leave out your biggest part of the player base, this game is TOAST! I will bet everything i have, including my Harley on that!

Because you are not going to force the 3 pillars on the rest of us that enjoy world content!

Thats a given Blizz, the ball is in your court now, so start talking.


how is this a job? its literaly “clear the raid, get extra raid gear” wtf you talking about?

RNG also leads to things like what happened to me, where I didn’t loot my first piece of tier period on any character until the creation catalyst was already out, despite having raided every single week.

This method doesn’t stop the RNG gear, it just adds a second way to obtain it so if RNG doesn’t roll your way, you don’t get held back for an indeterminate amount of time on something that you may really want that helps your spec work better.

It is quite literally a net positive, it leaves the current gearing system alone and then adds an extra way you can get just by playing normally and not going out of your way. You literally just have to raid, which is what you were already doing.

There is completely no downside or extra work with this, it’s literally just more than currently exists without having to minmax a currency grind outside of raid or go out of your way.

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they already confirmed shards will not be useable in season 4.

Scariizard was in Limit Maximum’s stream. It appears he confirmed the 30/20/10 quest can be done in lfr, but only one kill per week counts regardless of difficulty. So your alts can get normal items, but the upgrade tokens only drop in heroic and mythic. He also confirmed that you can directly upgrade normal items to mythic.


Raids will have a “Fated” affix. It will take you 30 “fated” bosses to get one token, then 20, then 10.

Six weeks total to have three tokens.

You can then use the tokens to buy previous seasons gear - weapons, trinkets, etc. Each piece costs 1 token.

Once you’ve spent the three tokens - that’s it. No more.

I don’t like carrots on sticks that try to get me to play more than I want to. Maybe you can understand that, maybe you do not.

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There’s also a difference between tasty carrots and carrots that are already half rotten. This upcoming system is the latter. I don’t mind putting in the effort, but it’s hardly worth it, especially since it’s 3 coins and done. After 6 weeks of grinding. lol The time and effort this will take does not justify the reward.

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but you literally don’t have to do anything extra for this? you get it by raiding, its that simple, theres no carrot on a stick, and arguably an RNG % drop that may never happen is a MUCH bigger carrot on a stick than a way to guarantee yourself gear after a few weeks will ever be.

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Why not a token per week? Even IF someone gear up only with that, theres 17 or 18 slots of gear to fill up, it would take probably the whole season. Also, it’s normal gear, why the long~long grind for normal gear when a single heroic piece out-values it completely?
I would love the coin to be obtainable and account-bound. Imagine leveling up an alt to 60, having like 20 or 30 tokens saved up and gearing it up to normal raid right away, would be a dream for alt-players!
Also, would be cool if the total of coins per week you can receive equals the total of 60 characters you have on this server, so you’re not on the constant grind of logging into every single character to do the long grind requirement.
ACCOUNT-WIDE BLIZZ, LET ME DO EVERYTHING ON MY MAIN! (and not have to re-do the same content on alts)


The coins are for BiS items not just any weapon/trinket.

can you get these coins doing LFR

Thinking on this more…

This will alienate non-raiders. To that end, why not just have one token per week (like was previously suggested) for everyone?

Make it a part of the weekly Patterns reward. Or something.

Let everyone have access to this token.