Rage normalization kills warriors, SOD, and WoW

For those confused on what rage normalization is, it basically makes it to where 1 damage or 1000 damage give the same amount of rage. This forces warriors to have to use fast weps, which makes deep wounds do next to nothing. This is blizzard’s (Aggrend’s) all in one way to castrate warriors, which has been the ultimate goal of SOD to begin with. All the runes would have to be tuned up to increase dmg done by 30-40% and even still it’s a nerf. You can call this dooming, you can call it maulding, coping, whatever. From a logical perspective, rage norm kills warriors in every meaningful way. They can sprinkle titan’s grip, bladestorm, uncapped cleave, w/e to make the warrior community cope, but it’s done. Adding titans grip is actually worse with rage norm. Who wants to gain 10 rage every 3.6 secs?

I really hope this isn’t Blizzard’s or Aggrend’s answer to slowing the scaling of warriors. All it does is kill warriors, SOD, and WoW. Unless they think people will stand for another Phase 2 gnomer scenario at 60. Hint hint, they wont.


I’m pretty sure the purpose of it is curtail the effect of warriors having effectively infinite resource to spam abilities as they please- which literally no other class can do. (And incidentally why Warriors far out scale anyone else by far once geared.)


You haven’t explained to me how normalizing rage kills warrior.

Meanwhile, Aggrend gave a pretty clear explanation of why normalizing rage would be better for Warrior and I agree with Aggrend’s take on that.

They can’t balance Warrior properly because non-normalized rage makes warrior’s scaling exponential. So they have to be weak early so they don’t spiral out of control.

Are you saying that you want warriors to just be weak until they have all the best gear they can get with all the buffs and all the support classes in their party?


Normalizing rage is the worst thing they could do at the moment or ever. Classic warrior is unique, leave it alone. Take some AP scaling out of bloodthirst, scale down some of their burst but do not neuter their resource system. Blizzard you know not what you do sometimes…step away from the balancing buttons with this one.


Welcome to the “waahhh I wanted to be even more uber at 60” thread.


“You haven’t explained to me how normalizing rage kills warrior.”

I believe I did, but I’ll explain it again.

“This forces warriors to have to use fast weps, which makes deep wounds do next to nothing.”

With rage normalization, the faster the weapon, the more rage you generate. The faster the weapon, the less deep wounds does.

I can extend an olive branch and hope that Aggrend reads this. If and when they implement rage norm, I’m hoping they can make it to where it is based on weapon swing times. Making it to where slower weapons generate higher rage than faster or something along those lines, that way it doesnt completely destroy deep wounds.


That’s not how rage normalization works at all. Rage normalization is creating an anchor point on what the reasonable average dps expectancy is for a given warrior in good to upper end gear and then “pulling” the rage generation toward that value as opposed to basing rage generation on a flat linear formula.

Essentially players doing under the value would see a slight uptick in their rage as it attempts to compensate for their lower position relative to the anchor point, and would pull down rage generation for those getting significantly higher than the anchor point.


Had they normalized rage phase 1 and found good balance with runes through out the phases sure fine. But they neglected warrior all game now want to heavily nerf the class to try and give it some fun design now? too late warrior will be fun on its own without their help now.


Rage normalization, bad!
Weapon speed normalization, good!

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Classic warrior is broken, and in my opinion makes the game incredibly boring and one dimensional. I’m not interested in playing the “buff the warrior” meta.


neither honestly, but if I had to choose one :joy:

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classic warrior is broken. Instead of giving us fun abilities they gave most of our runes damage % modifiers. I really dont understand the design choice here. Runes like heroic leap, shattering throw, and shockwave provide little to no PVE benefit much better choices if their worried only about raid balance.


Based on the sources I’ve found it doesn’t appear that normalization will favor a fast weapon over a slow weapon. You’re probably also nerfing your WW damage with most fast weapons due to their damage ranges, and BT doesn’t care about your weapon at all. I could be wrong though and I’d be happy if someone knew the exact rage generation formula they intend to use.

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I fail to see the problem.


Why wouldn’t they just base the amount of rage generated per attack off of the weapon speed


Yep. That they are even considering this is a good reason to opt out of SoD in my opinion.



paladins with martyr effectively never run out of mana now so are essentially the same as a full rage warrior in that we can use every global generally speaking if aow crits are happening (all hail 10% crit wb phase)

this is just going to make warriors feel so awful… like build to 100 rage and spend with rampage retail garbo…

probably the original concept with cbr lasting 12 seconds, idea being that you are building to 100, rampaging, and then rebuilding to 100 within 10ish seconds.

-glad i swapped to paladin p2


Let’s be real, here. We can’t have Warrior’s doing 40% more damage than the 2nd closest classes at end-game. I get why Aggrend is concerned about it.

I also know playing a rage starved warrior sucks because you have wait to use abilities off GCD and pray your next attack lands. It’s a very clunky way to play the game.

I would rather they nerf our rage dump abilities that scale so well (heroic strike) than to dramatically alter how much rage we can generate. If you have rage you can’t use it’s the same as not having rage from a DPS standpoint, but does not stop you from hitting your GCDs.


So this tells me you don’t understand how rage normalization works.


rip fury with no heroic strike queing to keep up your dw white hit