RaF and complete collections


I receuited my girlfriend before Blizzcon and she has paid for a month of gametime. If she purchases one of the complete editions will she be eligble for the included gametime? If so, does that time count towards RaF rewards? Or does she have to let her gametime lapse and then buy it? Sorry if this has been asked, but there’s a lot of conflicting responses.

(Mastadôn) #2

I believe, but could be wrong, the complete edition is for new accounts only. So she would have to start over.

And a new recruit a friend would need to be started.

Please note I could be 100% completely wrong here. If I am another one of the amazing posters here will correct me.

Not sure it is worth starting over for a month of game time unfortunately.

That said I truly hope she is having a ton of fun and sticks around long enough for you both to get all the recruit rewards.


Correct. Since she has already purchased a month of game time, she would not be eligible for the Complete Collection.

(Nok) #4

In addition, in order to be eligible for RAF, and account must either be less than 7 days old or inactive for two years.


Okay, thanks for clearing up the confusion! Kinda sucks that it’s limited to new accounts because it’s a great bundle.

(Perl) #6

If your girlfriend already has BfA, then it’s cheaper for her to just upgrade to one of the Shadowlands expansions. It’s only a deal if she doesn’t have BfA yet.

If Blizz keeps with recent expansion releases, the BfA expansion will likely become free some time before Shadowlands launches (if she doesn’t already have it and wants to wait it out :wink: )

Now, if she does have BfA already, then she would get 30 days of game time from the Epic version of Shadowlands and that should count towards your RaF paid time too. Depending on how much you want to spend, it’s an option!

(Nok) #7

Do the Shadowlands expansions currently include BfA? I thought You currently first had to purchase BfA in order to upgrade to Shadowlands.

(Ekon) #8

It does not, no.

(Perl) #9

BfA hasn’t been rolled into the standard account yet no. Shadowlands currently requires BfA in order to be upgraded (unless you get the Complete version on a new account).

I just mentioned it because the OP hadn’t specifically said that their girlfriend didn’t have BfA and wanted to make sure that they knew what options they might still have depending on that status :wink: