Radeon RX 6800 and RX 6800 XT review out!

Radeon RX 6800 and RX 6800 XT review out!

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Seems about even/slightly behind a 3080 without SAM, equal or slightly faster with SAM, DXR is closer to 2000 series performance

This is pretty much in line with what I expected.

It’s already oos everywhere within seconds.

Also as expected.

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I did not regret buying RTX 3080. My main focus is ray tracing and some features. Oh, video codec is still crap on Radeon.


At this point given performance is what it is, consumers should just get whatever they can actually get.

I actually think the 3070 is the better option for me at $499, but that’s impossible to get.

Patience. I preordered my RTX 3080 with 1.5 months queue. lol

I signed up for “notify me” on all the 3080s and 3070s on EVGA’s site early on, and even after they implemented their 5hr email queue system, still nothing.

I went multiple fronts. I even passed a few times on Zotac Trinity.

I also spent the first month spamming Newegg trying, a couple times almost was able to add to cart but never got anywhere.

Eventually you will get it. Starting to see free stock for longer period of time on Malaysian market.

Search Shopee Malaysia RTX 3070. Zotac and some other brands pops up.

That depends on the title, resolution and silicon lottery. General rule of thumb for stock vs stock comparison without SAM:

1080p -> 6800xt
1440p -> 6800xt / 3080 trade blows
4K -> 3080
DXR -> 3080

OCed pushes the 6800xt to 10-15% more performance while the 3080 gets about 5% more perf but their power consumption paints the town red at that point.

I’d say wait for AIB cards which higher clocks at this point. Looks like AMD won this generation.

The 2080 TI was cheaper and faster. I had to get the 3070 for my form factor or else I’d have skipped the 3070.

2080 ti’s haven’t been cheap for a while.

Even now, second hand 2080 tis are in the $800 range.

A few weeks before 3080 launch? yeah, if you got someone’s 2080 ti for $500 you scored.

RTX 3080 for a 1440p is plentiful. Lose a bit to 6800 XT is neglible when Nvidia wins on other features. Let’s see.

Ray Tracing
Video codec
Drivers 100%
CUDA and OptiX
and more…

$50 premium is worth it for me.

It’s $50 difference for the FE and those are difficult to find. I’m seeing $750 to $850 for AIB cards for 3080s near me. Maybe Radeons AIBs will be same?

Nvidia and AMD drivers both have problems. After 10 years we still have color banding problems on Windows Nvidia drivers (Linux are fine) for example. We can go through a list of feature for AMD too such as HBCC etc, they both have pluses and minuses.

The biggest items are Rasterization, Raytracing and upscaling/DLSS.

AMD’s DLSS so far looks like it’s faster than Nvidia’s. The consoles are supposedly have it too. No idea when it’ll hit PCs or if it’ll perform similarly.

A 6800xt’s RT perf is similar to a 3070. If that’s playable or not depends on the game. There’s games where a 3090’s RT perf isn’t enough so that’s in the air.

Rasterizations looks faster on the 6K Radeons. If you notice some of the Radeons consume 50% less power at times vs Geforce cards. There’s more runway for Radeons get additional performance, Ampere is at it’s limits on 8nm.

We are comparing with launch models. AIB and shortage will be another story.

Trust me, Big Navi is a huge chip and AMD’s 7nm production is overloaded. They make PS5 and Xbox chips, laptop chips and Ryzen. Laptop is the biggest market. Shortage is very likely.

AMD driver has a lot more issues than Nvidia. Its been like this for a very long time.

AMD’s version of DLSS isn’t ready. It only counts when it is out. Adoption for Nvidia features is higher as well.

Nvidia definitely got RT nailed down. AMD will have to improve this part.

As expected, AMD’s video codec is still crap.

Yes, AMD wins on power consumption. Can’t argue with this one. Faster on raw performance with weakness on 4k and higher.

The battleground card will be the lower and mid range $200-$350ish options.

So in this case it will be the 6500/6700(?) or the 3050/3060 ti(?). Neither will be particularly DXR competent, and will have to win on rasterization merit alone.

Even though $549 for the 6800 and $499 for the 3070 is within budget for some folks, I would say the majority of people (as evidenced by threads in this forum whos entire system budget is around this value) won’t care one way or another about the performance levels of these (and the more expensive cards).

I was counting on the upcoming 3060 to be THE 1080p GPU as was my current 1660 ti a year ago but this really changes things.

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Remember the 2080 ti early models catching on fire? Nvidia cards have just as many problems. They’re just different problems.

I mean if we want to nit pick Nvidia cards still have color banding problems resulting in lower image quality on Windows and still don’t page data properly.

DLSS and Raytracing have a limited set of games in use today, you’d have to want them for a specific game assuming the cards can use RT at reasonable speeds. A 3090 and 10900k isn’t enough for large scale PVP for example. It doesn’t matter if the 3090 is the best for RT, it’s not enough for me.

AMD cards consume less power means the cards can clock higher not so much with Ampere.

We finally have competition. From the initial OC results the initial AMD cards are power limited. AIBs will have to make good cards for AMD, as usual.

9/17 @10:24 for a xc3 ultra 3080 for me
10/29 @ 6:15 for all 3 3070 for me
Still nothing though base on posts seems like I’m an hour away for the 3080 and 5mins for the 3070 ultra.

Off topic for the 6800s…
Ontopic of the 6800s.
I had the 6800 regular in cart and decided to try for the xt. sorta having some remorse lol

Mainstream prices will always be the main focus. They are easier to make and its more affordable for majority of users.

Still going there. AMD cards isn’t free of heat issues as well. Not to mention, noisy coolers for years.

You’ll find a huge list of users complaining about AMD drivers. I owned 4890 and 7870. I have far more driver issues than Nvidia.

I’ve never seen them.

This will depend on developers. Some of them doesn’t optimize their game properly. WoW isn’t great when it comes to optimization. I’m expecting another WoD type of launch due to server becoming out of date. Server will lag.

Crytek’s Neon Noir is killer RT with great FPS.