R.I.P Ravenholdt

I have so many great memories from this server.

I miss the old tbc, wotlk and cata days, the community was awesome.


Came to the forums on a whim, b/c I’m excited for WoW classic.

Still a few recognizeable names.

See you all in Classic?

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aww miss you guys lol

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I remember you, Ombree. I’ve played RH since Vanilla. Got on to see if anyone still played, only to find my guild had died and everyone was leaving/had left. Just reminiscing on BC and WOTLK days on Ravenholdt.

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This place was a home away from home while at home for so long for me.

Was in Rend Fate and Iridium mostly, brief stays in Touch of Silver and Original Sin.

But those days were an entire gender ago(we had at least a couple trans people back in the day, I’ve wondered about them since I transitioned)

Thom stumbles into The Lions Pride Inn. Empty, of course. Only a handful of spiders spinning webs in the rafters. Not even a bottle of bourbon behind the counter. Plenty of empties, though. He hops atop the railing, clears his voice and belts out a tune.

“Thossssssse were the days!”

Crickets. Ghosts. Memories.


Anybody here? New Dalaran was empty today! Sad Puppy!

Nobody here! In Memory of Ravenholdt!

Any Twilight Empire folk still out there? It’s Sev.

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I’m just here tryna get tier 3 hehe

RIP indeed. Reading the names Xanthu and Ombree brought up a lot of memories. I was just talking about the Ravenholdt glory days with some friends and family. Some of the best times I’ve had.

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It’s still dead, oh well!

::applies Goblin jumper cables::
It’s dead, Jim

Do any of you guys/gals still play on this server? I’m looking for a group of ppl to run some BG’s and raids with. I’ve returned form cataclysm and it has been a real struggle to break through I lvl 400 for me. I’ve even gone as far as to offer large gold tips for invites.

We are forming our raid group, and alot of people do bgs, if interested, my btag is Toonswap#1154 our guild is Pizza Hut, we are probably the largest guild on the server. I personally have 12 lvl 120’s on this server 11 horde and 1 alliance.

Good to see those old names again. I’ve been away since WoD, but I used to play as Sol, Exarkun and Timelord. Figured I’d do some leveling here in preparation for Shadowlands.

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Ravenholdt lives and dies with me. Walk away if you want. We don’t need quitters here.

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hey i remember your name, ill def have a look at rh again sometime