Quickest Forsaken Solution

Calia marries Faranell.

There we go. That’s the speed run.

I mean;

A. She already demonstrably has a thing for lowborne Lordaeronians

B. In older WoW lore Faranell was kinda a hopeless hanger-on to Sylvanas so he’s earned this

C. Calia may have children and have you seen what a nurturing, caring father he was to his plague eaters?

D. C’mon now, ladies, gentlemen and those that exist betwixt - does that look like a tongue that knows how to quit? Use your imagination.

Perfect solution.

Plus then Voss can pounce Derek. Poor girls been through a lot.

Belmont obviously only has eyes for Ivar Bloodfang and Velnora could give Sira a reason to gasp for vestigal breath.

I’m just saying.


Calia explains, mouth stuck open in a gruff masculine voice, “I have to go now. My planet needs me.”
She then stiffly slides upwards out of frame.
Note: Calia died on the way back to her home planet


Calia should prove her worth by doing what many Forsaken fans wanted for awhile and that is to recruit/rehabilitate intelligent ex-scourge members.


into the fire then they cant reanimate
problem solveeeed

Hmmm… no. /10char


Thats an allied race I want. The ‘burning dead’. The unquiet dead who died through immolation. No reference to Teldrassil intended.

No just no. The only place Calia belongs is on a Pyre.


My point remains that Faranel is the heart, gall bladder, pituitary gland, whatever else is in the wet burlap sack I’m convinced he drags around with him, of the Forsaken.

It is mission critical that he remains in the spotlight. The man could effortlessly replace his jaw but choses not to purely to make his mad science ramblings .003% more efficent.

I’m all for more nuanced, thoughtful and cerebral takes on the absurdity of life after death. But for the Forsaken to be the Forsaken we need a champion who approaches this parody of existence with the determined desire to get as weird as inhumanly possible with it - because God already tried to stop him and self evidently failed.

And him completely boxing out Captain Moistfrown sounds like a fun way to enshrine the hero we need.


If Calia and Derek are going to be around, they might as well be together. It makes sense enough. They have similar temperaments and Alliance connections.

In fact, keeping them together almost quarantines the Alliance influence. If those Alliance connections have to be around, let it be together, instead of spreading to other characters via romance.

Besides, if the faction war has to be a thing again down the road, it’ll give both Derek and calia a reason to help and care for the horde/forsaken even more

Anything that’s not Sylvanas becoming the Banshee Queen again is not a solution.

Is this a Sylvanas thread now? That was a quick solution.

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Every thread is a sylvanas thread eventually, you know this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sounds as arbitrary and stupid as dredging them up to begin with was. Whatever you think about Malfurion’s impending doom, Derek Proudmoore belongs at the bottom of the sea. By not making him a skeleton they’ve basically capitulated their right to make new Forsaken characters.

Calia was always hanging out there as possibly alive, as a potential loose end and stray plot thread to be used. I do not object to her existence.

I agree with you about Derek, though. He was obliterated by dragon fire. Yet, somehow he returned more hale and whole than any typical Forsaken? Blizzard was bound and determined to bring him back, come dragon fire or high water.

So, might as well keep him with Calia. To quarantine that whole mess Blizzard is grafting onto the Forsaken. Rather than spreading their awful plot hooks to the rest of the Forsaken, via romance.

I mean, if there is going to be some dude standing by Calia and nodding, it might as well be Derek, instead of some current Forsaken character with a personality.

I don’t mind Derek’s presence in the faction. There’s a staggering irony to him joining the very same Horde Daelin waged a war against to avenge him.

What I do mind is yet another Forsaken character rigged with a prettied up foreign skeleton. Sylvanas and Nathanos were bad enough, and Calia is so obscenely pristine it wraps back around to uncanny, but if ever there were a character with less claim to their flesh…


I’d agree. I don’t think Faranell falling in line with Calia makes much sense from a character standpoint. Sylvanas’ goals, tainted by Varimathras’ influence, would have been his enabler. Quarantining the Alliance transplants with a wedding is probably a more realistic bargain, but you should ask for more than you expect to get. So I ask for a dragon in Dragonflight to do it again.

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God, could you imagine if it was Daelin that was raised instead of Derek?

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Its kind of funny that they still don’t get the notion that removing all agency from a group of people destroys their credibility.

well, some of them tried removing the agency of their female employees in RL, and clearly didn’t expect THAT to backfire and destroy their OWN credibility, so…