Queues are on purpose, Blizzard has sharding

Yeah it did.

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While that is technically true, Blizzard has promised to remove layering by phase two. If they just add layers now, it will become impossible to live up to that promise down the road.


Oh my bad, it had it for half a year before BC launched… with a 1 character limit every half a year.

Don’t feed the trolls guys

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Hell no, sharding killed retail. If you want sharding, go play retail PLEASE leave.

Yes, they are increasing pop caps but that isn’t always a good thing. More demand on the servers means, among other issues, more heat. If anyone works in the HVAC industry, they know that these server buildings are severely controlled and if something goes wrong…

A layer is a giant shard.

And isn’t that what they are doing today?

Another expert opinion, clearly no tin foil hat action here. Move along, move along.

They aren’t using sharding for Classic, thankfully. They are using layering for phase 1 until the population stabilizes.

What is that cap???

  1. It’s LAYERING not sharing. 100% completely different technology. If you aren’t smart enough to understand this. Stop talking about it.
  2. No you can’t have unlimited players on server though layers because it puts stress on the ACTUAL server. Period. Again if you aren’t smart enough to know this. Stop talking about it.
  3. Stop taking about things you have no clue what you are talking about.

Actually vanilla did have paid transfers put into it.

Yes it did, a mt in the best guild ninjaed the bank at the end of vanilla while in naxx

What bank? What are you talking about? Guild banks didn’t exist in Vanilla.

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Then i guess you wernt in a server first raiding guild.

All hardware has limitations. It’s not like one box has an infinite amounts of RAM. The way they manage it is by setting a hard cap. ie. A set number of boxes they will run for that realm. This is why there is a queue. The cap is reached so you must wait for someone to log off. They also just put out a blue stating they raised the cap.

They haven’t given a number. What they did say, it was higher than what the original vanilla server cap was and in a recent blue post they said they raised the limit. Whatever that number is.

Yeah I don’t watch or care for any streamers honestly, good edit though. Those queue’s on non streamer servers will be gone within 2 weeks. Blitz is doing this the right way

I want sharding for the initial wave so I can play. And then remove it so that there is one world.