Queue Times

Ok so when are going to get some kind of resolution to the enormous Queue times?
16858 in queue with a 435 minute wait…


18k, 480mins.
Played 9 hours today, then dced…

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I know your pain.

Right now, its at ~8500… with 166 minutes. So, 2.5 hours?

You must be ahead of me lol I am at 13955 with 316 Minutes :frowning:

time to investin a drinking bird so i can’t go afk i guess


9300, 206mins

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I’m just going to give up and unsub if they don’t have this fixed by tomorrow. Original servers handled 10K players, but they new ones can handle more? Doesn’t seem like it at all.


Estimated time means nothing… I’ve been waiting at ~1000 for the last 3 hours with 17 min estimated time and it didn’t move at all

Yes, that’s fairly ridiculous. Basically you’re having to wait until the east-coast (other timezones) log off, for you to get in.

I’m at 434, 11 minutes. But i queued well over 4 hours ago.

Edit: Joke’s on me… 392, 9 minutes… 1 hour later. SO ~5 hours?

10136 in queue at 23:53 central.

There are zero excuses for this type of horrible game launch in 2019. All the technical issues like this should have been resolved before launch day. This botched launch is really challenging my trust that Blizzard knows anything about the technology they should be using…

For Faerlina and Herod, it’s a direct result of giving us only 3 realms of this type to choose from. “Ok 10-realms-worth-of-people. Decide which one of 3 servers you’re rolling on.” 3 realms was an insult, plain and simple (and it was even worse for EU).
But let’s face it, for Faerlina it would still be overfull because of streamers even if it wasn’t one of the original 3. And imo it would have been smarter for them to move (as opposed to the people who took their names).
(Flammarion, I’m not sure if you’re trolling or just lack familiarity with game companies.)

it takes 11 hours to login to the character creation screen and youve got 30minutes to enter the world or be dc’d lol…

i waited last night for ~2hours with it showing less than 1 minute remaining

You obviously have zero clue how a server works and the capacity at which it can hold active players. The only mistake Blizzard made was only offering 3 east coast pvp servers during the name reservation. How many times did they recommend we move servers prior to launch? The fault is on you for not listening.

Was on a queue starting at 3pm with 8k people in front of me. At 5:30 i had 3k left then I got disconnected and now at 12k queue. FML So pissed!

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Does Faerlina still have bad queues even after a few days later?

Short answer, kind of. Right now they’re kind of bad. All day / this morning ranged from no que to about a 40 minute que. Even tonight, que was about 3 hours from me which sucks but it isn’t the 12 hour ques we had.

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What Original servers could hold 10K vanilla had a MAX of 2500.

This coming week will be very telling, as far as Qs go, for the big servers.