Queue doesn't pop for bgs?

Anyone else having this issue?

I haven’t been able to get into a bg since the update. Currently I’m at my longest queue time (40min and counting) and still the Random Epic BG isn’t popping. Yesterday I waited for 17min and a little over 30min in queues before I just gave up and logged off.


There’s something wonky with the queues right now. Its either a bug on their end or people are busy with other activities like working on their Zanda/KT.

My epic BG queue record wait yesterday was 1 hour and 42 minutes. I asked my guild what is up, they said no body is PvP’ing, they are all unlocking their trolls and fatties.

It never popped, i went to bed for the night.


rofl holy crap I would have givin up after 40min

My record is now 42min. I gave up shortly after posting. BGs is the only way I max my weekly Conquest so I’m bummed.

This is at 120 right? and is it wintergrasp randoms or epic?

Random Epic BGs. I tried Wintergrasp also, but gave up after 8 min. lol

ah hmm I see epics usually are longer but with the ways qs are who knows

Ya I waited for a little over 40 minutes and gave up.

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Can confirm, 120 bgs on alliance are taking 20+ minutes to pop, yikes. Feel for you horde guys.

Edit: Finally got home and able to queue up again, average time is about 3 minutes now for the queue instead of the 20+ minutes last night at 120.

Just want to confirm-- this is happening at level 120?

No this is happening in the lower brackets where xp off and on cant find queues because you split them.


Level 120 queues are working just fine.

Been in a 120 queue for 48 mins (queued for AB and WSG) Bloodlust battlegroup.


Good riddance twinks. Worth the +8 minutes of waiting.


Same here for Azalor’s battelgroup. Very, very long queue at 120.


Thanks Blizzard, for eliminating twinks from the Battlegrounds altogether, and without telling anyone. Now, twinks or any non=xp toon, cannot get into Battlegrounds. That is the reality. The way it was handled seemed underhanded and dishonest as well.


Nobody likes a guarranteed loss.


Definitely, Why would they leave such a thing from patch notes if they didnt think they were being dastardly…


Also in all of the BG forums, this is the only blizzard reply i can find…
Everyones errupting about not being able to play anymore, and not a word is said… just a tweet…

Is there a way for people to see how many people cancel subs in the coming week?.. also why not switch it back to the lame 1-4 and 5-9 brackets?
if people are gonna pay 60 to boost to 110, then BG to 120… they’ll be safe… you guys aren’t considering the 19s 29s 69s 70s, 90s, 100s’ that have hundreds of hours into their twinks…

doesnt matter, sorry i ranted…