Queue doesn't pop for bgs?

That is exactly what will besmirch the Community communication reputation.
Poor communication choices in 2019 get noticed fast within every industry.

The previous official Blue response regarding 110s-119s boosting while Xpoff was a much more professional approach, which was respected.

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Too bad they fired that CM.

We got our blue post for the year. Enjoy it.


Yesterday I think it was due to people checking out WG instead of getting in the epic BG queue. There are some fairly easily completed conquest and honor quests in there, not to mention the brawl completion quest.

I have been in many low level BG’s and only a few time have we been against an all twink team. It’s not an automatic loss all the time, rarely I see enough twinks in a match to make a difference.

Eu player here, at lvl 120 - random epic BG, waited for almost 3 hours on my horde toon before it finally popped (timer said 35 min wait) have just given up on my alliance toon after waiting over 1 hour 40 mins (timer said 10 mins wait time…) Asked ppl in the bg chat and some of those also had ridiculously long waits :confused: Didn’t have any problem yesterday before the patch was released.

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It’s happening to players in the xp off 119 bracket, despite that being a healthy xp off community. I’m in 119 communities on both factions, and we regularly have 20-30+ people on at once. Yet, the queues are not popping.

This is exactly how it all happened at the end of WOTLK.
20+ Twinks in Queue and Battlegrounds would basically never pop. :rofl:

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I suggest you check for changes that affected the gear scaling algorithms, which are likely the same for max and nonmax level queues.


Yes, this is happening at 120. When it does pop for Oceanic realms, we are put into groups with Brazil & East Coast servers. Home ping stays at ~10ms while World ping steadily climbs to over 400+ms.

This has been widely reported on the Oceanic forums, on twitter, reddit. I wouldn’t be surprised to read about it on the local church noticeboard. Yet, we have been completely ignored.

Literally, create a character on an Oceanic realm and try doing a few BGs. It’s that simple to test.

p.s. This is occuring on NBN (fibre), Cable, ADSL2 with different ISPs. I even tried the WoW Tunnels program in the hope that might fix it - nada.

I’m more concerned as to what this will mean for Classic PVP. If they do not fix this issue for that release, I am seriously going into a depressive k-hole.

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Random BGs at 120 on alliance are averaging 1-3 minutes both wait time and actual pop. Working fine. Stormrage server.

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The original poster clarified that (s)he was queuing for “Random Epic BGs. I tried Wintergrasp also, but gave up after 8 min.”

I still think it had/has something to do with:

  • Horde’s longer queues
  • Time of day
  • More people (temporarily) queuing Wintergrasp than epic BGs
  • Fewer people playing the game in general / fewer people choosing to play BGs

The complaints from twinkers can be safely ignored as irrelevant to the original question.

Blizz may want to check on Oceanic queues to make sure something’s not wonky. But I wonder again if it just has to do with fewer people queuing and playing BGs in general. On alliance side, I find epic BG queues can get much longer than they used to after a certain hour, which is probably also when Oceanic players are logging on. The smaller BG queue is fine though - says 2 minutes…


I have never been able to get into an epic BG below max level since the introduction of the epic BG queue. It appears to be a bug, unless I am the only one queueing for the BGs below max level. I have reported it a few times, but nothing has happened. I really liked leveling through AV (fast queues, lots of people, fun games) prior to the BG split, and now I can’t do that anymore.

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I have been in BG queues for 4+ hours before on non-max level characters with no BG pops.

you realize ppl are just gonna go back to making “throw away twinks or lvling twinks” right? lol splitting has no positive effect…you are just gonna have to wait even longer to get stomped even harder because less ppl will actually twink but the ones who do become gods…also If a twink turns xp on and just leaves before bg is over they can do that for quite awhile before they lvl out of a bracket…pro tip…if you want to lvl do quests and dungs…dont pvp if you cant handle pvp, gear should matter at every lvl in pvp…instead of crying and complaining, how about get better? full chanted looms you can 1v1 a gemed twink if you know you’re class.


you know you can merc into alliance right? sure the win rate is lower, but you can play usually 2-3 before the horde gets the next one.

Looking at your question, I can only summarize you only care about the 120 bracket and not the others. Also I see that the multiple people leaving the game doesn’t warrant any response by Blizz. The utter lack of care for you client base is 100% why this game is being overtaken by another game. The absolute lack of any notice this decision was made is unbelievable and I hope the shareholders take notice of this and how nothing is being done to stop so many paying clients from leaving.


Already doing it, this is a throwaway twink, and have been able to 1 shot levelers sometimes just with enchants and heirlooms.

Nothing fine about 20+minute queue as horde, gonna sit there and lie and tell me it’s normal?

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That’s your solution, play for the other team lol, what if i find Alliance smelly? What if I don’t like the Alliance’s quick to give up attitude? What if the color blue bothers me?

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butttttt mommmmmmmmmmm I want to to twinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnk