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Everyone, the above post is a link to the thread where they want you to ask questions. Not here.


Well, that’s interesting.

I put the first five questions I thought of in that thread but will prob go back and add more lol.


“What flavor of Cheerios would be the preferred breakfast cereal for each major character in WoW lore?”

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When a survey went out asking players how we would prefer Blizzard to implement TBC:Classic, why couldn’t there be an option to have 1-time character copies to a fresh TBC server, allowing players to keep a Classic character in perpetuity, all the while continuing that same character into TBC? The only hiccup I see would be regarding materials and gold. But I imagine there has to be some way around that, Even it is is you only get a limited number of character copies.


Blizzard will you make every effort to ensure that all game mechanics work and function properly; I’m not asking for bugs, im not demanding that it be 1:1 identical because I know that’s not actually practical or actually possible on that retail server, but I am asking if it will be made to work as best as it possibly can be to replicate the game play of the original TBC. I’m taking little nuance things be retained like jumping charge / intercept/ bear charge, and so on. These aren’t components of batching, but a mechanics change that is component of using the retail charge style mechanics.

One last thing, can we get better continuance of communication from you guys maybe make it once a month where you answer questions that are asked in a civilized tone and we discuss where things are and where they are gonna go.

Also, last thing, are you guys planning on doing pre-nerf content for TBC, I most certainly hope so!


I gotta question.

Will you ever fix the hot pants for Daisy, the Race Starter Girl, so that it is authentic to Vanilla?


I mean, will they answer what most people want to know or just the softball questions?

‘Bots are ruining the economies on servers - what more are you doing?’

‘Faction imbalance on pvp servers has been a nightmare in Classic. Many forecast it will get worse in TBC due to the strength of blood elf racials and horde racials in arena. Are there any plans to address this?’


Will you please remaster Diablo 2?


Yeah, I don’t understand why they would change that at all… probably some homely looking artist was offended and wanted her to wear longer pants…


My guess is pick out questions they can give good answers to and throw a few joke questions in… anything like questions about botting will be ignored.


Why can’t you stop bots and fly hackers in classic wow?


Maybe you should see the bang up job they did with Warcraft 3 first.


Yeah I saw it unfortunately

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OK, I have a real question:

If players want to continue to play Classic Vanilla beyond Classic TBC launch, will they have a future ability to transfer to a TBC server once they are finally done with their Classic Vanilla adventures?


Will Diablo 4 be worth buying or will it just be diablo 3 all over again with another scuffed version of diablo? And mobile game talent tree


Will you actually interact with your customers if TBC is released or will it be largely ignored like classic?


People…this thread isn’t for asking questions. It links to a thread where they want you to pose questions.


Sorry if I lack faith in Blizzard quality now days, they just seem to lack the QA they once had… WC3 remastered was horrible, I literally had to reinstall on a LAN only machine so I could play the real game again. What’s depressing is the online ladder is dead because of blizzard

Will you ever stop adding needless systems from other MMOs that are less popular than wow to retail?

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