Question for you grapes

Is warlock unplayable in PVP?

I’ve been told time and again that because you can’t cast chaos bolt & fear at the same time the class is just unplayable and needs buffs.

I haven’t seen any warlocks in PVP so I jsut thought I’d ask you all :slight_smile:

broe but like what if u could kick rapid fire

Really depends on the level of PVP we’re talking about.

  • Casual random/epic random?
  • Low MMR rating?
  • High MMR rated?

First two yep, no major issues provided you are positionally smart and use your whole kit.

Last one….theoretically possible but A) You will work 15% harder for 15% worse results. B) You will have to just be darn good.

Anecdotally, players tend to over estimate how good they are, so set small goals and allow yourself a learning curve. Don’t be afraid to get wrecked if you can come away with some tidbits of knowledge.

We’re a super easy target, we have to hard cast our abilities which doesn’t work in this super crazy burst/fast paced meta, and we’re slow. If we get trained by melee and kicked we usually fall over and need lots of peels and a healer to even be relevant. With a healer though we’re nasty.

Our shields are easily broken by warriors shattering throw, ret paladins destroy us in one stun, and ferals and rogues just hurt too much, we can’t live anything.

We have to run dark pact to even get a chance to do anything but with how hard classes are hitting, dark pact is even pretty useless for us.

But i’m not saying we can’t make it WORK though, we can make it work, but for all of that effort we have to dish out and use, it’s not worth it when other classes can do what we do 90% faster and with less effort.

Why play Affliction/Destro/Demo when Fire Mage and Shadow Priest deal better damage and don’t have to set it up as well as we have to, they have instant cast abilities, healing abilities, and better defensives to deal with melee and are much tankier than us?

So yeah, we’re kind of bottom of the barrel but also really strong with a healer or good melee that can peel off of us. It’s just we don’t fit in the current meta.

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Damn bro don’t contradict yourself too hard

I just wanted a yes or no


We are fine we are viable only potatoes give that “you have to try harder” excuse.

Im really lazy and old and I never had a problem climbing.


I like you. You are reasonable. We deathbolt together my son.

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I play Demo/destro

I agree… games not hard tho.


Covidboi mass grips them into your bane of havoc for maximum chaos bolt effectiveness.

We dine together.


Given you are a Glad, you don’t represent the larger whole of the mid-range/lower skilled players. There is likely a bell curve at play.

I suspect you know that and just wanted to be condescending.

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I would disagree, exactly because Epic is a glad he would have a better understanding of the pvp scenario, the class weaknesses and strenghts.

Yes, Warlock isn’t the meta of pvp, but its also not complete garbage, It’s Fine.

but…oh i will wait for you to also say my opinion don’t matter because i am very obviously not a PvP’r… would be funny casual opinion don’t matter, glad opinion also don’t matter…maybe the only opinion that matter…is yours and the ones who agree with you?

also, wouldn’t be the first time this happened here.


Given that I am a multi glad since basically forever I can tell you that the game is easy… glad is welfare and the class is viable. I just dislike the “We have to try so much harder for less” argument when the game as a whole is not hard and matchups in the meta are team based. I have/had plenty of matchups where we were heavily favored by comp even if my personal class strength was lacking… we have also had plenty of time where we were stupid strong and still have bad matchups.

We are viable all the other stuff is nonsense.

Bingo… its been better its been worse but its viable and one can hypothetically reach whatever rating they have the skill to climb to based on matchups and playtime.

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He has knowledge and skill that most don’t - so basically ‘git gud’ is disingenuous at best.

And I never said we were not viable - just that we can take more work. Having said that, I’m not really into arguing with the usual contrarian suspects.

You folks have a good turkey day.


I get it - you’re a god-like player and this is easy for you. You are not the norm or even who I am addressing with the general statements I’ve made.

Feels like you just showed up to pat yourself on the back. You’re awesome!

Going to eat pie now. /wave


Not a god, that’s the point. If I can do it anyone can is what I’m getting at.

I play super casual if/when I play. Information is legit everywhere these days from streamers to guides etc. I don’t need or want any back pats I just don’t support nonsense.


I like the cut of your (no nonsense) jib, sir.


We require a bit more set up than some of the other classes right now who are “one button wins.” Also, there seems to be an abundance of additional counters to Warlocks this expansion that you constantly have to work around.
You’ll be able to do fine if you have an understanding of your win condition and the composition of your opponent’s cooldowns. To say it’s “unplayable” is a bit dramatic lol

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i returned to bump this thread.

warlocks are insane. Glad we all agree.


Huh, I thought warlock has always been playable. Just not favorable or meta esp for Demo since it has a lot of cast times and have counterable things but that’s just a hoop that I managed to endure to get to 1800, get the PvP transmog and never looked back on it ever since.

Shard of Annihilation is cool and I did enjoy the experience of PvPing as a Warlock! :smiley:

Even though it's measly a 1800 but since it's a rating to get the pvp mog, it's good enough for me to get it off of my bucket list this patch/season.


People just love to act like “when they did it… or how they did it” was sooooooo much harder then “X” or “Y” and that’s just a buncha BS.

They always want to say they have to try 2-3-4x harder then other person/class but in the end its not a hard game and people just want their achievements to seem harder for them but they “Still did it”

I think the best example of this is when all the classic players went insane about how hard “raiding” was and how hard “pvp” was and then the content got cleared within a week by people in greens and all the pvp/duel tournaments were won by retail players.